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Proletarians, to Red AAR (19)!

Posted: August 30, 2012 in AAR, Rus Mod

The last turn of 1918 has respected the Xmas truce: no combat this turn. My armies advanced, but either don’t reached enemy due to winter, or were too exhausted to attack…


The Czech demobilization is really a good news (in FY, this withdrawal is randomized, some factors being taken into consideration:    )



Proletarians, to Red AAR (18)!

Posted: August 28, 2012 in AAR, Rus Mod

Early December 1918:

Among the most unknown political entities born during the RCW, I’m pleased to present you the Belarus National Republic.

The Belarus National Republic lost Minsk the 10th December 1918. In game term, a few Green militia units should figure convincingly this short-lived State…


One Red Army is forming at Smolensk.


Let’s come to more serious affairs: Ukraine first is now playable. Southern Whites have immediately advanced into Donbas:



Facing them, Makhno and his Anarchist. InFatal Years, Anarchist are an AI driven faction at start. They move and fight by themselves, without being manned by the Red player. When the Red player plays the alliance option, they become part of Red Army….Until the alliance is broken. They return to the status of AI faction…And they fight rather well 🙂


French expedition to Ukraine has landed at Odessa.


As I’ve explained before, French and Greek troops in Ukraine are too an independent faction, except if Whites may get control, with very high AIL. French normaly are fixed, except if the AIL is very high.


Why an independent faction? It’s the best way to avoid the official version fantasy about Allied troops running everywhere or fighting in Baltic in the same line than German Freikorps.

Ukrainian of course, have their AI factions too. yes factions. The UPR and the Galician force. AI will move them…Galicians aren’t represented in the official game, a very heavy omission, as they were amongst the first opponents to Poles.


With my partisans, of low value, I try to enter Kharkov. I’m sending a few divisions to bolster my Ukrainian Army Group.


Tsaritzyn: tried to attack with Stalin. Ugly defeat.


More: Krasnov has come North, the Cossacks are circling Tzaritsyn…The White AI is maybe targeting the Red Verdun…


BTW, I use Historical attrition for anyone: me and AI. AI seems to keep sufficiently wise in winter to  face the historical attrition effects.



After their retreat from Penza, the Czech stack has garrisoned Samara.

Samara is now too well defended for a simple raid. I’ve yet to take Syzran first.

Czech withdrawal is randomized in FY. Let’s say you need 6 on a 6 dice roll ( simulated by events). I’m an old boardgamer, and this system allows me to create modifier events, like low or high morale, allied pressure: more info here


I’ve yet received full load of men, WSU and money. The Red Army expands itself. I will need it. No time to be bored in FY.

Proletarians, To Red AAR (17)!

Posted: August 27, 2012 in AAR, Rus Mod

(No I’m not reading the AJE data files to find errors 😉 ).

Late November 1918 : crucial turn as the German withdrawal is opening the western Front. The Northwestern White Army at Pskov is the first sign of future combats here. Until now, White forces at Murmansk have remained quiet, first because the Segheza region was blocked ( representing the action of guerilla having cut the railroad). Now, winter has come, the AI has wisely chosen to wait better weather).

In the Petrograd area, except garrison, I’ve no units to face the Whites. I send 2 new  divisions to Novgorod. More are in formation. remember when 7th Red Army invaded Estonia, it numbered 17,000 men only…Time for vast armies hasn’t yet come.

On the Volga, I push Trotsky on sarapul to link with the isolated Perm garrison. I use my meagre cavalry to approach Samara, a movement in winter is terribly slow.In retrospect, one error I’ve done earlier was to build infantry division with medium artillery, needing 60 days to form,when division with light artillery are ready after 30. I could have launched offensive on Samara before the rasputitza. I should have chosen too between Simbirsk and Kazan to keep at least one, it would have saved time.

Budienny is grounded this turn, like all Generals of the Stalin clique ( random event representing infighting). This event has its interesting side effect as it incites to keep together Generals of the same faction…

Czech stack at Penza has chosen to retreat and once again, my larger Army led by Antonov is beaten. I’m glad to have left Simbirsk under Chapaiev division custody…

Some Siberian cavalry is raiding toward Saratov.

Around Tzaritsyn, White forces have left their exposed shelter.

Thanks to the use of option, the Allied Intervention Level has been reduced to 12. Yet too high.
Siberian AI has formed the Directory.

Proletarians, to Red AAR (16)!

Posted: August 26, 2012 in AAR, Rus Mod

Early  November 18 results are satisfying: Kazan is again under Red control:


Around Penza, Czech and Siberian units are surrounded, as they didn’t moved.


Around Tzaritsyn, White units have taken winter quarter farther North (it would have been better if they had retreated to Salsk or Elista, at least they aren’t dying in the snow without attacking the city):


My NM is just under 80, a much-needed amelioration. I form new units. As Germany leaves war with the Armistice, new Fronts in the West are close to be opened. Samara should be mine before the end of the year.


Now, it’s time to talk about my EPS; I’ve 11 EPS and I spare them as I need 15 to play the Improve relations with Allied option.


Indeed the Allied Intervention Level is at 13.

The AIL in FY determines if Allied will help Whites. Above 3, they send supplies, money and WSU. Above 7 they send fixed garrison and some active units in the North. At 13, the fixed allied units are unlocked ( except Japanese) and French and Greek units in Ukraine, normally an independent faction, come under Southern White control….

In official RUS, anything Allied is coming and leaving at fixed dates. In FY, any help is varying along the AIl level. The AIL is prone to rise in the first months, then to slowly be reduced, excepted if Reds are heavily losing. Players have options to modify the AL, at high cost. Some turns ago, Southern Whites AI has played the option. Add to this the treaty with germany I signed at the start of the game, bad luck and you understand why the AIL is now at its peak.


Of course, my first aim is to lower it to avoid full intervention. For those believing the option a bit gamey, informal talks between French, British and Bolsheviks never ceased. Bolsheviks agreed to participate for example at a a conference at Prinkipo, where all Russian factions would be represented. This conference was proponed by Allied, Whites denying participation…


Proletarians, to Red AAR (15)!

Posted: August 26, 2012 in AAR, Rus Mod

Late October 1918: with the rains, moves are agonizingly slow and Trotsky hasn’t yet reached Kazan. Siberian AI has moved into one neighbouring unit. Other visible Siberian groups haven’t moved, even if the Czech position at Penza,assieging town, is very dangerous ( I’ve checked supply, which is plentiful, and cohesion, a bit low , explaining certainly why the AI is keeping its plan in spite of looming signs of Red concentration around…)

My moves will consist to capture Kazan and surround Siberian forces at Penza before an attack next turn.

The Southern Whites AI have beaten my retreating forces and put Tzaritsyn under siege…


Stalin is guarding Tzaritsyn. I haven’t played the Red Verdun option , as It’s possibly my best defended location. I’m not worried by the Southern moves, as the assieging forces aren’t overwhelming and winter has come. But the Southern moves fix this large Army.

Proletarians,to Red AAR (14)!

Posted: August 25, 2012 in AAR, Rus Mod

Early October 18: the road to Samara would be opened if rasputitza hadn’t come:


Trotsky will assault Simbirsk, weakly garrisoned. The rest of my forces will stay on defense, as I prefer be attacked by Komuch and Czech Legion on occupied positions rather than attack them with low quality conscripts. It will be time with Syzran and SImbirsk in my hands to reduce them, their line of supply being cut.

It remains urgent to take Samara as the Komuch influence is regularly producing bad effects:

It’s high time to boost my NM:


Propaganda first: Red option, only for them, as all sources state Bolshevik propaganda apparatus was very much superior to the poor and late White efforts. The picture is showing you a rail coach transformed in movie theater for the masses.

Why Party members option is upping NMs? NM level modifies unit cohesion and the recruitment of strongly motivated people was used to bolster unit morale by the Reds several times. Red Army spent large resources on political education of the peasants turned soldiers to convince them to “really” fight. If success was mitigated often, effect was real.

In the South, I’ve learnt Army of Islam occupies Baku. In the same time, the remains of Red Army group are slowly going North, to Tzaristsyn by Elista… with some sort of White pursuit…

Of course, as soon Stalin has left, Cossacks have taken again Balashov, destroying the garrison:

The turn is marked by the failed assault of Siberians against Perm


As a  side note, forget Blusher. he has been  killed by Siberian AI around Aralsk.


The Siberian AI pushes Czech Legion against Penza ( one of the city whose capture may cause NM losses for Red if taken by Whites). Czech legion searched to catch my retreating Red Corps, rather a weak one. But Red has reached Penza and entrenched into the city before Czech arrival…

However, if this attack is pushing this stack farther off its supply base, with Red units on the rear, Siberian AI has taken care of This supply line, by chasing Chapaiev from Syzran. AN AI knowing some basics about supply lines…in FY. 🙂

Moreover, if Trotsky has seized Simbirsk without much opposition, Siberian AI has enlarged the Kazan garrison:


The results are encouraging, but Siberian AI is yet rather skillfully playing its game, with limited means.

Proletarians, to Red AAR (13)

Posted: August 25, 2012 in AAR, Rus Mod

Late September 18: My NM is yet around 70, Novorossyisk will fall this turn, completing the SOuthern Whites conquest of their core area,. however, the crisis peak has maybe been reached.

Next turn, I will get yet more resources to build new units. A lot again. On the Volga front, I’ve now roughly 70,000 men, about as much than in real RCW at this date, and they match in number the Siberian ones. Remember Siberian AI plays with the same constraints than a human player for sending Siberian troops in help to Komuch.

Of course, I could let the AI concentrate all its forces on the Volga. AI would be yet more dangerous. But I feel such unhistorical behaviour would damage the simulation aspect and so the immersion factor. I should help Red AI in turn, or simply the player, adding more fantasy in the game; with the current events, I ‘ve been wounded by the Siberian, and I’ve now to take back the lost terrain, with yet limited if growing resources.

My plan for this turn is simple:

Each Red pincer is larger than the opposing forces; if the Siberian AI concentrates all its units against one pincer, the second will be able to pick the next turn either Simbirsk, or Samara, or Kazan. I keep A defensive line with 2 concentration points.

As I need money, and EPs are back, I choose the Raise money option. I will lose 2 more NM, but the large money income will boost the unit building next turn.

BTW, raise money option will deliver in FY a randomized sum ( hey, tax perception during RCW was rather in shambles ;-).


In the South, anyone will retreat toward Tzaritsyn, even Stalin. Now Southern Whites have achieved their primary objectives, I must care of a possible, even if uncertain, offensive effort against Tzaristsyn. Moreover, the removal of Sorokin, backed by Stalin, may create special infighting grounding Stalin and his Army…

The results are not spectacular but very encouraging: Siberian have concentrated Czech and Komuch main forces against Southern pincer, blocking it without battle. Trotsky and Chapaiev have fulfilled their objectives and the overall situation look very promising.


In the SOuth, Whites are attacking Grozny.


Proletarians, to Red AAR (12)

Posted: August 24, 2012 in AAR, Rus Mod

Early September 18:


In the rear, the first new divisions are ready. They are filled with low quality conscripts, artillery is scarce, supply wagons are yet in formation, but I need them on the Volga ASAP. I send the most part to Saransk with Timoshenko to organize a new formation here.

From Cheboksary to Saratov, my Red forces will undertake their first offensive move. No dashing raids, for now, but a limited advance to test Siberian reaction. the 30,000 men led by Trotsky will place themselves at striking distance of Simbirsk and Kazan, hoping the AI will not garrison them.


I’ve got the number of EP to fire Sorokin, at least. Kamenev tries to extract as most as possible units toward Tzaritsyn, but the movement rate of the stack is agonizingly slow, due to low cohesion. Next game, Kamenev will go to Penza directly to command the Red army group facing Samara.


Stalin has been fixed this turn, due to infighting among Reds. Remember the 1920 episode during the Polish war…Fatal years is built on the same chaos concept than Triumph of chaos, the boardgame; not obeying orders was for all faction very frequent. The infighting events let you insecure: your leader may suddenly stop, ceasing to follow your orders, whatever the situation. I know perfectly 90% of computer players want absolute control over subordinates. It just doesn’t work for the RCW. Those believing Bolsheviks were immune because of the Party discipline are ignoring the Party was until 1921 divided in factions bickering heavily on key issues, including the military questions. It took Lenin almost 2 years to impose a real obedience of the Center over the periphery, by the wy of the so called fight against “localism”.


I’ve sent Frunze with minimal forces to capture back Vologda from rebels


The results of the turn aren’t exceptional but no major setback has been inflicted on me. Frunze has fulfilled his mission. Siberian Whites targeted Saransk but my own move has delayed their attack. I’ve taken a new defeat, but the losses are balanced


Trotsky hasn’t encountered great resistance, destroying an unsupported Czech armored train. Both Simbirsk and Kazan are garrisoned, contrary to Samara ( an AI weakness I’ve to fix…)


Sorokin has been removed. Denikin has attacked Novorossiysk and Whites are now targeting Grozny. The Southern area is lost for the Reds.




Proletarians, to Red AAR (11)!

Posted: August 23, 2012 in AAR, Rus Mod

Late August 1918:


My first Requissitions and conscriptions regional decisions have been achived and given melarge number of men and materials, immediatly used to build new units. They will not be ready before 3 to 6 turns, but the Red Army has begun its extension:



The second good news is the arrival of Timochenko, a Red leader without 0 rating, for free, thanks to the Bonch-Bruevich effect. Bonch Bruevich was a ex-Tzarist officer and the brother of Lenin ‘ secretary, an old Bolshevik. He was very smart to convince other officers to join the Reds, even if they opposed to Communism. Of course, Timoshenko isn’t an ex-Tzarist officer, but FY hasn’t distinguished between the different categories of Red Generals ( what a shame!).

Red have the option to replace Bonch by Vatzetis, who will amplify the military reform effect.


On the Volga, Trotsky has gathered around 30,000 men at Cheboksary but will remain passive this turn, as I’m waiting yet more units before launching a counteroffensive. I’m not easy with this decision, as my NM is yet around 70-75 and could be lowered again by the events described in precedent episodes of this AAR. However, a premature action would cost me my only elite units. Sheer numbers for Bolsheviks are almost mandatory.


In the Kuban, I’ve not yet these 3 EPs necessary to fire Sorokin; Kamenev will go elsewhere in my next game! Some of my units retreat toward Tzaritsyn, to save as much as possible; I keep a strong garrison at Novorossyisk as a desperate solution to delay the Southern Whites ( this harbor is the key to future Allied help).


Stalin and the Xth Army will chase Cossacks from Balashov to keep open the Moscow_Tzaritsyn railway.


The results are encouraging: Stalin wins my first victory

If Southern Whites haven’t moved against Novorossyisk, the encirclement of my army has been processed further:

In the same time, the Southern Whites are covering the railway between Ekaterinodar and Tzaritsyn to prevent fast Red offensive move:


The Volga front? Quiet runs the Volga this turn. Siberian Whites have been as defensive than me this turn. Will it lasts? Or are they taking a second breath?

Proletarians, to Red AAR (10)!

Posted: August 22, 2012 in AAR, Rus Mod

The early August 1918 turn is almost as depressing than the last.

First Arkhangelsk is now under White control.

I’ve built a line in the Volga theater, thanks to the passivity of Siberian White AI this turn. Relative passivity, as it has captured Ufa, a key location between Samara and Ufa.



The line is anchored South on the Volga at Saratov thanks to the Chapaiev division.

If the line is yet fragile, at least Latvian Rifles have come to Cheboksary., bolstering the defense.

Remains of my 2 Red divisions are slowly but quietly escaping West (AI isn’t perfect 😉 ).


The Southern Front remains a mess. yet again, I’ve not the 3 EP needed to remove Sorokin, Ekaterinodar is now White. Southern White AI has drawn a sort of vast Red pocket, by taking Stavropol with a minor force



Farther north, Don Cossacks have attacked twice Balashov to cut the railway between Moscow and Tzaritsyn. My large garrison has held, at a high cost however.



My NM is now 77. I’ve lost objectives and I’ve promoted Vatsetis… Reds are lacking good Generals, most having terrible ratings. Promotion of good leaders can’t be avoided, whatever the cost.


With low NM, when morale was low, troubles are coming. In RCW, units deserted often to enemy. In FY too:


This event causes losses to Red units and gives conscript to Whites.