Proletarians, to Red AAR (10)!

Posted: August 22, 2012 in AAR, Rus Mod

The early August 1918 turn is almost as depressing than the last.

First Arkhangelsk is now under White control.

I’ve built a line in the Volga theater, thanks to the passivity of Siberian White AI this turn. Relative passivity, as it has captured Ufa, a key location between Samara and Ufa.



The line is anchored South on the Volga at Saratov thanks to the Chapaiev division.

If the line is yet fragile, at least Latvian Rifles have come to Cheboksary., bolstering the defense.

Remains of my 2 Red divisions are slowly but quietly escaping West (AI isn’t perfect 😉 ).


The Southern Front remains a mess. yet again, I’ve not the 3 EP needed to remove Sorokin, Ekaterinodar is now White. Southern White AI has drawn a sort of vast Red pocket, by taking Stavropol with a minor force



Farther north, Don Cossacks have attacked twice Balashov to cut the railway between Moscow and Tzaritsyn. My large garrison has held, at a high cost however.



My NM is now 77. I’ve lost objectives and I’ve promoted Vatsetis… Reds are lacking good Generals, most having terrible ratings. Promotion of good leaders can’t be avoided, whatever the cost.


With low NM, when morale was low, troubles are coming. In RCW, units deserted often to enemy. In FY too:


This event causes losses to Red units and gives conscript to Whites.


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