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Fatal years screenshots october 18

Posted: December 31, 2010 in Rus Mod

October 18: both AI are facing on the Volga. You can notice that arrangements of stacks, certainlt not as smart as those of a player, don’t seem less rational and cover the main objectives, on all sides

The whole game is for now rather balanced

I’ve myself, as Southern Whites, done real progress even if Bolsheviks aren’t totally eliminated


And Late November 18: Bolshevik AI taking offensve on the Volga, in spite of the snow, against weakened Siberian since the departure of Czech troops…Very close of the historical situation


Second update of Fatal Years mod

Posted: December 31, 2010 in Rus Mod

Second  new version uploaded. Fix the tpo about areas.exe. If you have installed the mod before, just check the name of your folder for another typo… The right path is C:\Revolution under siege mod\ and  not C:\ Revolution under siege mod\, ie with a space before Revolution…

Fatal Years mod first update

Posted: December 31, 2010 in Rus Mod

Some errors have been reported… I had forgotten to place a file in the archive. Sorry for the unconveniance.New version uploaded. Just apply the new version over your previous  installation

Fatal news screens

Posted: December 30, 2010 in Rus Mod

First, the Siberian AI is at last performing as I wanted since 2 months

Here 2 screens showing the major offensive undertaken by the AI against Perm and Kazan; one the more interesting point is how the Siberian AI has bypassed Ekaterinbrg in this game ( not always the case) to go after these 2 important objectives. Of course, I’m wondering what will be the reaction of the Red AI…

Then a n example of the ne diplomatic feature: the option for Bolsheviks to lower the Allied Intervention level…

Last, how I feel as leader of the Southern Whites in August 18?

Surrounded…or surrounding…

Fatal Years mod available

Posted: December 30, 2010 in Rus Mod

Fatal years is the new and yet provisional name of the RUS mod I’ve started a few days ago….

What’s new?

Yet some improvments for AI of course. Among them, AI will be smater at repairing destroyed railroads.

But I’ve introduced too some new rules:

1) Armored Trains and 3 stars Generals will now repair automatically destroyed railroads.In exchange, you will pay( and the AI too,one money and one SU by turn. I feel this trade-off will lower the micromagement required by the repairing feature, and is one the tool used to help AI to cope with rail problem ( one of the tool only, the others being really related to AI stuff).

Some will say Armored Trains can already repair rail in the official game, as stated in the manual. But it seems this feature isn’t working…

2) When played by human, French and Greek units will risk very frequent mutinies outside Russian coastal aeras; Southern White player may buy an option to remove this limitation

3) I’ve begun to develop the diplomatic features of  RUS, which are very slim in the official game. As first steps, Third rule: There’s now an Allied Intervention level ranging from 0 to 10. This level will vary randomly, but each sides may buy options to alter it too. Level 8 or higher is required to get and keep  Western Allied Troops 5 French, Greeks, British…) Level 3 or higher is necessary to get Allied supply and money help events for Whites.

There’ sa new option for Reds, named Concession, increasesthe number of EP Whites will have to spend to convince Balts to enter war.

Last Poland entry date in war may now vary

When I will be sure no major bug is breaking these new features, and further eveluated their effet on game balance, I will develop new versions for others minor factions.

And I will integrate too the new graphic for leaders beautifully worked by gifted people :-). Gift like this are rare and invaluable, when mediocrity is so much dominant.

To download the mod, click on the Mod box on your left….

2 excellent AAR…in German

Posted: December 29, 2010 in Mod Workshop

2 excellent AAR have been posted here and here
As I don’t speak German, I ve used Google translate. Not very convincing but at least you’re understanding how much detailed and informative are these 2 excellents reports.

Of course, for a modder, such AARs are worthy 🙂 .

For a long time, I’ve believen best tests were those made by myself or AI against AI. Today, I’m sure the contrary to b right: only players reprots give me insight on what I would have never done or even tought 🙂

There are more substantial improvments, but I’m fond of this one…. This message will appear on turn 1 and displays the new “rules ” of the mod. FYI, the automatic repair by armored trains is normally a feature of the officilal version, and is covered by the rules manual, but isn’t functioning…

Drang AI news

Posted: December 28, 2010 in Mod Workshop, Rus Mod

Drang AI question has been evoked in this post

Thanks for the king word 🙂

Drang isn’t forgotten. If the RUS V7 AI mod satisfies me, I will turn back on Drang AI. But I want first to achieve what I desired about AI in the historical scenarios.

As a side note, I want to do Drang AI, as the design of this scenario is really top notch, far more better than the others, as balance and complex diplomatic events are handled, and beautifully by the way.

This screen shows a major flaw in balance design of the official last version. In this very fine AAR, Reds are n’t performing too bad, but their National Moral has fallen to 50. At this level, the game is over, considering penalties in combat and production.

Avoiding such a loss in NM will be definitly the objective of my V7 version of the mod.

Struggle for a Vast Future news

Posted: December 26, 2010 in AACW Mod

Struggle for a Vast Future is my mod for Ageod American Cvil War ( AAACW)

SVF should be available the 21st of January 2011 , here. It has been delayed a bit, as I’ve worked into rail repair by AI stuff in RUS these last days, work which will be retrofitted in SVF, of course.

As announced here, it will be a mod and not a new version of AACW.