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SVF 2.0progress report : 11/29/2012

Posted: November 29, 2012 in AACW Mod

Graphical work today. being a bit sick and overloaded with real work, I will have to wait this weekend to achieve this first step.

Here another windows of the battle report ( detailed results):

Next week, I will turn onto data files: models, units, terrains, weathers ( with Berto’s help), regions, structures; I should produce a regenerated scenario file around  December 8th. Then I will write events, options, rgds. I’m on the schedule for a release in January.

WW1 squad battles

Posted: November 28, 2012 in Wargaming


I haven’t bought the game but the design notes ( at the bottom of the page) are just one of the most interesting article I’ve read about WW1 tactics. Design notes: the moment where a designer explains his game, rather than reply WAD 😉 An exercise of humility.

SVF progress report: 11/28/2012 (2)

Posted: November 28, 2012 in AACW Mod

Thanks to Berto a repetitive task has been done today, confirming graphical work should be achieved this week.


The new battle report screen:



Using Photoshop without any graphical skill has been one of my funniest experience in modding. Even if the results aren’t close to the job done by a professionnal, the GUI shouldn’t be a hindrance.


Adapting AACW to AJE requires a lot more tweaking than porting RUS to AJE, as the 2 engines are very very similar. AACW shares of course the same DNA but a bit like Gorilla genetics  compared to human one 😉

If all goes well, SVF 2.0 should be playable in January.

Playable doesn’t signify achieved. THose playing it must remember it will be a beta, with some bugs and mainly an untested scenario balance. Only your report will help me in this matter. The AI has been tested in the precedent SVF 2.0 and the 2 main weaknesses for Union AI will be fixed before releasing the new version. Those having tried the FY AI and even the SVF 2.0  know certainly AI isn’t without strength 🙂

The following rules are based on a Union Poll Level ( UPL) ranging from 0 to 20, starting to 15 at the beginning of the GC.

Variations of the UPL are mostly provoked by the National Moral Level: under 100, there’s a chance of lose 1 level, above 100 to gain one level. This rule links the military successes and defeats to the political situation.
A few other events will simulate secondary concerns in the population ( economy, abolition of slavery, corruption, etc) and will change the UPL ( in a very small shift). These events are simulating the other aspect of political life during Civil War.

There are 2 polls for Union in the game: the 1862 mid terms and the 1864 presidential poll. If the UPL is under 5, you have lost the poll. Above 15, you have won the majority. Between 5 and 15, there’s a win/lose percentage, like 50/50 for level 110, 60/40 for level 12, etc…

During the 6 turns preceding an election,  variation of the UPL by NM are automatically enforced: if your NM is under 100, you will lose one UPL level by turn; above 100 you will earn 1 by turn. This rule simulates the quick shifting in public opinion during war. Let’s say the capture of Atlanta may give you the +4 UPL needed to win the 1864 presidential poll.

Player will be able to buy 1 NM by option by spending 10 Engagement Points. Another option will simulate the outcome of political crisis, like the one that occurred in 1862 with Chase: the player will spend 20 EPs to Try to win 5 NM. In this latter case, the result will be randomized and will depend of the current NM level: a low NM will lower the probability to get a bonus in NM. If you fail you may even lose a few more NM.

Engagement points will they be easy to spend? No. For emancipation, you will ned to spend 200 ( yes 200) EPs. Creating colored units will cost too EPs, and other secondary but important decisions will cost EPs too.

So EPs should be scarce for political activity. Be warned, after the historical date,  if you delay yet the Emancipation, you will lose NM because of the growing impatience of the abolitionist wing of the Republican Party.


Losing the elections in 1862 will rise the cost of emancipation. Conscription will be harder to introduce.  Your income will be lowered a bit to represent the opposition of the Democrats, volunteers will need higher bounties, etc.
The system is simple, but forces the Union player to attack as soon as possible CSA to win NM, and creates an intricated relation between politics and military. Politics needs military successes, and military affairs will suffer from electoral defeats. In the same time, player will have to suffer from sudden political crisis or on the contrary use precious EPs to restore the situation. The tension will be especially high during the 3 months before election as any military event will provoke huge consequences. In the end, each turn should be both integrated in a long path toward victory and giving the feeling to be late on this one…  The contrary of  a boring game 🙂

SVF progress report: 11/28/2012

Posted: November 28, 2012 in AACW Mod

The new city sprite is done:



Most of the graphical work is done. a big work on “sprite” positions on the screen remains to be done, and it will be gradually done during the next month. I’m now beginning to update the data files ( regions and units) to the AJE engine.

I should the next month begin to write the events, options, structures and rgds needed for SVF 2.0, ie the real creative work. I will soon begin to explain the political system in SVF 2.0.

Here a preliminary draft for the Objectives page of the ledger. More fine tuning is needed of course.


Another ledger example for SVF 2.0

Posted: November 25, 2012 in AACW Mod

SVF 2.0 : new screnshot

Posted: November 25, 2012 in AACW Mod

The unit building page of the ledger and the detailed element window, yet with some glitches.


SVF progress report :25/11/2012

Posted: November 25, 2012 in AACW Mod

Rail pool and Riverine pool are now displayed on screen

Graphism are yet under work, the main interest is the possibility under AJE to display both figures.

SVF 2.0 progress report : the top bar

Posted: November 24, 2012 in AACW Mod

Yet unachieved of course, but the screen hints the definitive look.