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Design and coding games

Posted: December 31, 2011 in Wargaming

On a  discussion board, someone has stated recently games should be designed before being coded.


For my own, I remain convinced the real point is to design games you may code, even for AI.


I’m not coding. I just play with a scripting language, but that’s indeed how I plan the change: may I implement this feature with the current scripting tools, AND will the AI be able to cope with, or at least will it be not challenged by this new feature.

No new version of Fatal Years today

Posted: December 30, 2011 in Rus Mod

I’m so stunned by the divorce of Katy Perry and Russel Crowe, you know… 🙂

More seriously, I’ve fixed a few of minor bugs and I plan to fix a bit more of missing strings before releasing the next versions, excepted in case of major bug report.

Both White AIs and Poland one need my attention too in the next weeks.


Posted: December 29, 2011 in Rus Mod

The version of FY uploaded today was corrupted ( specifically the unit folder). I’ve fixed this and uploaded a new version.


Sorry for the inconvenience, the box isn’t always a magic box 🙂

Hi Baris

Posted: December 29, 2011 in Wargaming

I would like first to thank you for this:

BTW, you could nominate yourself, as much of your comments on the official board have hit the nail about some historical and gameplay points.

BUT…But I don’t think it’s an idea which will be accepted with enthusiasm. Some could even consider this like a provocation. I know some AGEOD volunteers are reading my modest writings, like the Pancake supply mod message they have certainly liked a much…and now to find invisible bugs I’ve fixed, like the one present since years about major ferry terrain and I’ve fixed thanks to Agelint program created by Berto I’m using, even to eliminate the invisible bugs…. some decided a few weeks ago it was unnecessary.

On a personal note, whatever she could now think or believe, I will ever keep a great consideration for Aphrodite May and his husband, who are very kind persons, having suffered these last years from economical crisis. They were part of this beautiful of very competent persons on the board around 2007 and 2008 when AACW was a new game, and whose so many have now get away (Gray_Lensman has gone too , but I will not say he was part of this gifted band).

They try to help AGEOD once again, and Aphrodite May is a very gifted and smart person. Now, the whole aim of this thread is to give medals toAgeod forumnites, and I will never come back to these forums. So the medal would remain useless.

Many haven’t understood the key point: I wouldn’t have done FY if I had kept my positions at AGEOD. I didn’t leave AGEOD to do FY, only because of some behaviours. HOWEVER, what I’ve learnt this year, to be disturbing but true, is the best points of FY couldn’t have been done with the ” Seprus” official team, or the AGEOD one. Sad but true.

-Fixes a CTD bug concerning Anarchist faction

– Ukrainian morale messages tweaked as asked by Captain

– Southern White artillery will be produced faster ( balance purpose and consequence of the Allied delivery of guns, which weren’t produced by Whites)

– fixes minor bugs


This version is compatible with ongoing games.

Petite note aux français

Posted: December 29, 2011 in Rus Mod

juste pour rappeler que FY n’est jouable qu’en anglais. Sinon, vous aurez des messages incompréhensibles.

Another movie

Posted: December 27, 2011 in Rus Mod

This one is showing Tachankas during a parade at Moscow.

I can’t say I’m a great fan of Bolshevism ( I’m not too fond of the White movement too), but these images keep a strange power of attraction: history, for the best and the worst, in march…


The end of the movie displays images more recent with tanks and aviation, certainly from the end ’20 and first ’30 years…

This version fixes one important bug for anarchist faction and several others pointed by Berto ( I believed to have fixed them, I was wrong 🙂 )


Compatible with ongoing games.


As a side note, a player has had install problems with FY. I’ve installed the new version and got no problem. In any case, confirm me if the install of the new version is creating troubles as I will then investigate further the reason, if different of a corrupted install, which seems to be for now the most plausible hypothesis.

This version is yet downloadable without having to send me the  email adress I will enforce after 1st January 2012 for reasons explained in my precedent post. Not naming my mod the Clovis mod, or doing an AAR subtlety named Clovis AAR, or shameless positive review under another nickname on a site selling a game (….nuff said) isn’t sufficient to prove I don’t search pride for some. This new way to get access to FY is just my way to reply.


I’ve decided Fatal Years will not  anymore be downloadable without a preliminary request from 1st January 2012.

Don’t worry: FY will remain free. Once the request done, you will be able to access the file as much you want and download updates without request.

However, you will have first to send me an email address at :

In this mail, you will have to mention your nickname on the AGEOD or Matrixgame forums. If you haven’t, and only if you haven’tyour real name.

YOU MAY USE a junk mail address if you want, or at least an email address created for this purpose.

I WILL NOT USE your mail for other goals. I will not share your mail with anyone else. I will just give access to the box then I will delete your mail.


Mainly because I want to show clearly I’m not a guy with an oversized ego searching glory through the mod. I don’t need to have a great success. As I’ve said several times, I just want to have a better game about RCW to enjoy myself. However, a good mod can be made only with the help of you, hence the open release of FY. period. The tantalizing fantasm of some AGEOD fanboys about my pride is just wishful thinking, which ironically could perfectly be applied to some ;-).

For some of you, i’ve yet your mails thanks to the WordPress blog, so I’ve figured it was the best move to show how insane is  this representation of FY , without rendering the FY download cumbersome or a risk for your privacy.

3 news today

Posted: December 27, 2011 in Rus Mod

Or more exactly 2, because the third can’t be revealed openly, but I’m laughing since i’ve learnt it yesterday.

The 2 other news:

1) a new version of FY will be available tonight, fixing a severe bug for Anarchist faction. I’m grateful toward Ricco, one of those REAL players who have helped me by their reports and advice to build FY. For having frequented other so-called betatesters, more inclined to deliver long written consideration to actually play a game to find bugs, I may assure them they are in my opinion among the best I ever encountered.


2) This version will fix a few more bugs revealed by Berto with Agelint. Frankly, I was sure to have fixed Tzarytsin…Shame on me. Day after day, Agelint is revealing as the tool for debugging AGE engine. Berto has spent so much hours to build this nice program thanks to his knowledge both in programming than in wargaming he deserves once again the expression of my deep consideration. 🙂