New version of Fatal Years 1.06RC released today 27th December

Posted: December 27, 2011 in Rus Mod

This version fixes one important bug for anarchist faction and several others pointed by Berto ( I believed to have fixed them, I was wrong 🙂 )


Compatible with ongoing games.


As a side note, a player has had install problems with FY. I’ve installed the new version and got no problem. In any case, confirm me if the install of the new version is creating troubles as I will then investigate further the reason, if different of a corrupted install, which seems to be for now the most plausible hypothesis.

This version is yet downloadable without having to send me the  email adress I will enforce after 1st January 2012 for reasons explained in my precedent post. Not naming my mod the Clovis mod, or doing an AAR subtlety named Clovis AAR, or shameless positive review under another nickname on a site selling a game (….nuff said) isn’t sufficient to prove I don’t search pride for some. This new way to get access to FY is just my way to reply.

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