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Just for pleasure

Posted: July 31, 2011 in Rus Mod, Uncategorized

Just for pleasure: how the Red AI has surprised me when I was sieging Ekaterinodar by aiming Azov…I was expecting a Red advance along the railroad

The next turn:

Next turn: situation remains tense… I couldn’t send back Denikin ‘sArmy because of rainy weather and broken railroad, but my provisional group hasn’t reduced the Reds, just saved Azov. Denikin assault on Ekaterinodar, necessary considering the importance of the region for Whites, has been a bloody success…Yet a few more battles like this and Southern Whites are gone

August 2011

Posted: July 26, 2011 in AACW Mod, Mod Workshop, Rus Mod

Fatal Years is now almost ready. Don’t expect many new changes in the next weeks,the games played as REDs and Whites showing the mod is playable ( and enjoyable). Of course, any bug or glitch will be fixed, but I guess major ones are now gone.

Fatal Years is working only currently for the Grand Campaign scenario. In September, I would want to improve the AI in the Finnish Civil WAR, Russo-Polish war and the Drang nach Osten ones.


If some have interest for the Ice March, november 18 and May 19 scenario, let me know. I don’t have any intention to mod these, but if asked 😉


August will be entirely reserved for modding AACW 🙂

III. Recognition of Independence by the Southern Whites factions

In the initial official version, this event presents two major shortcomings: it is historically unbelievable and it ruins the balance of the game.
Indeed, while applying a penalty of -40 to NM, the official version limits the option a winning white player. Only such a situation allows to support such a decrease. However, it is absolutely unlikely that the White carrying away would have granted their independence to the minorities of the former Empire. On the other hand, a white player in such a situation only has an interest to play this option, since the penalty will be compensated by the contribution of numerous troops, ideally placed around Petrograd.

The Fatal Years new rules:

1) The NM level of Southern White is superior to 75: the option lowers NM by 20 immediately. However, as long as NM level of Southern White remains under 115, he will lose every three months 10 NM.

Thus, the White player should bet on the future: will the reinforcements allow him to recover the level that permits to avoid the penalty quickly or will his NM descend it inexorably?
2) The NM level of Southern White is lower to 75: the option lowers NM by 10 immediately. However, as long as NM level of Southern White remains under 100, he will lose every three months 5 NM.

The penalties are less strong, but the white player is already weak, and at risk of the same progressive elimination. However, the option remains possible for a hard pressed player, without becoming a no brainer under of 60, with a risk of defeat very strong here.

Notes: besides the aspects of obvious balancing, the option becomes only attractive after mid-game or in case of a situation of great weakness. The core of White support doesn’t immediately divert itself from the leader who dared to jeopardize empire, but detaches itself slowly, except if the victory satisfies it. It explains the lower penalty if the NM is already weak, the NM level representing the core hard of the support existing then.

Special Finland rules

Both White factions may obtain Finnish help by the Recognition of Independence option. But they may too get Finnish entry in war by playing another option, dedicated to Finland alone, with different rules and outcomes.

This option may be played during 1919 and costs 25 EPs and 100 money. When played there’s a random chance the Finnish will enter the war. This possibility is higher if Whites control both Narva and Pskov. The option will be removed from play after December 1919.

Notes: During 1919, Mannerheim was favoring Finnish intervention against Bolsheviks. He had too a real political power who ended with the election of late 19. Finnish population was in majority against a pursuit of war, especially with Whites refusing to formally acknowledge Finland independence. The rules take into account this situation by offering Whites a chance to fire the Finnish support without formal independence recognition. Of course, Finnish people may refuse in spite of Mannerheim influence to go to war again. For gameplay purpose, this option allows Whites to create a localized menace on Petrograd, without being sure to have Finnish troops at disposal, when Reds will have until 1920 to keep a strong force in the Petrograd sector.

I. The Allied Intervention Level



Contrary to the official game, Fatal Years has developed a system built on random and player chosen variations of the Allied Intervention Level. In the official game, Allied units, and subsidies to White will begin and end at fixed dates. In Fatal Years, their end will be determined by the Ail, whose evolution is determined by random events and options.

An Allied Intervention Level has been implemented, stepped up of 0 to 13. Starting level is 8.
A level 8 or superior is mandatory to get the help of the French, British, Greek and American troops, a level 3 or superior to get from Western Powers money and resources.
The Allied Intervention Level will vary according to random events, that represent the consequences of the hesitations Allied Nations suffered, wavering between to fight Communism and to put an end to the war. Every player can also buy by option ( named Concessions to Allied) an influence on the level. Red attack on Poland will raise this level too.

When one of the two White Factions reaches at least 120 NM, there’s a chance the AIL will be raised by one ( 120can’t only be reached by large victories and such a Faction would then be seen as possible future rulers of Russia, easing bidding on them).
If Reds reaches 120 NM, the AIL may be lowered randomly by one (historically, Western Allied switched to a containment policy when it was assured Bolshevik regime was winning the war).

If Reds chooses to implement “Land reform” option, the AIL could lower ( by this option, the Red side is implementing the NEP policy, which appeared in Western Nations like a partial abandon of the communist utopia and so like a first step toward the renunciation to the World revolution). By the contrary, adoption by the Whites of the Land reform could raise the AIL ( Land reform being considered as an evolution toward a democratic Russia, positively seen by public Western opinion).
Last, when Reds will play the option “Provoke strikes in Western Nations”, the Ail will be raised by one.
French and Greek troops in Ukraine will start fixed at Odessa and Sevastopol, but may be unlocked if the Allied Intervention Level raises 13. Under 6, these units will be removed from play.
Under 3, other Allied units will be removed from play, to the exception of some locked units (like Japanese divisions).The financial help will be stopped too.

Notes: an Allied Intervention Level of 13 represents Allied Nations deciding to “stamp out the virus”, releasing any restriction of armed development, especially for France in Ukraine. Random variations are simulating how much Whites and Red had only very partial influence on diplomatic postures of France and Great Britain, this influence being somewhat represented by the (costly) options players get during the game.

New version of Fatal Years

Posted: July 23, 2011 in Rus Mod

This version may be downloaded from the box to your left.

Not compatible with current games.You will have to restart a new game.

– improved a bit Anarchists, German, red and Ukrainian AIs
– fixed some bugs ( see this thread for details)
– delayed date of end for XHI Yudenich options. This option will need AIL at least = to 3
– modded NM values in relation with objectives, as Red was too much affected by losses of strategic regions, most of them being in the periphery of the Sovpedia. Red NM should average a slighty higher level.
– the Moscow revolt at start will now belongs to the new Left SR faction ( AIs updated to cope with too).

– and a few other things I’ve forgotten like a reworking of Siberian leaders, with ratings reduced for some…

About AI in Fatal Years…

Posted: July 20, 2011 in AAR, Rus Mod

Quote of a player today, playing Reds against Whites in June 1920:

I had Stalin with his Eastern Front sat in Samara. Not that a powerful a stack, combat power of of 1000, about 26 thousand troops. One of the Siberian White stacks sits outside this city for about three turns, it looked a big stack, so I change the Eastern Front attitude to Defensive, Defend and Retreat (usually by third round). Not worried, because I think this stack is equally worried of me as I am it.

Turn three later, another huge Siberian stack appear, stops Stalin from retreating and they commit. Stalin cannot retreat; come the third round and the Reds fail to pull back…this is a Siberian force all told mustering 70k troops to Stalins puny 25k.

I loose the whole of the Eastern Front. Not happy. But what I am trying to say is the first stack to appear stays OUT of engaging Stalin until his friendly stacks appear, then cut him off from retreating and destroy the whole force. The Siberians will no doubt be recruiting prisoners sometime soon. This was a clever move from the AI…to spot Stalin and call his friends and stop him from retreating.

Now, what the Siberians should do is to roll south and take Tsaritsyn, they could do so easily.

SVF 2.0

Posted: July 20, 2011 in AACW Mod

For those interested in the future of my mod for AACW, the 2.0 version of SVF should be ready to test in the first days of August. If you’re willing to help me by testing this version in the first days of August…let a message here or on the Matrixgames forum, in the AACW subforum.


This new version may be downloaded from the box to your left.

Compatible with 1.02b, 1.03 versions of RUS.

Compatible with ongoing games.

What’s new?

Simplified install process

Tweaks to Ukrainian and Anarchist AI

Some bugs fixed ( see theMatrixGames thread for a description).

Official 1.03 hotfix bugged

Posted: July 17, 2011 in Rus Mod

The official hotfix for RUS 1.03 has a bug and a serious one, causing CTDs. This bug has its origin in the AI routines of the exe and displays during turn resolution a message about “15 iter ” not being safe.

I’ve tried to overcome the 15 iter bug in FY, without success. Sooner or later, any game will crash. Period. Humourously, the 3.0 version without winter doesn’t show any sign of this bug which obviously has been introduced by the hotfix. SEPRUS at its best…

So as I’m forced to wait a hotfix to the hotfix, I will try to improve the install process and continue to adapt my AI events to AACW.

If you want to help, go on the official forum and upload saves of official games. For my own, I’m just thrilled how right I am about them, and how unfortunate has been the RUS career

But I’ve had some much fun with my last game I will continue to improve FY.


Precedent turn:

Late November 18:

I expected an attack from Kamenev, so I let my volunteer Army in position. In the north, I launched the newly created units toward Donbass, when other units in formation continued training in Novocherkass.

Is the Red AI able to deceive me? Kamenev has gone back to Tsaritsyn, when in the same time Stalin is at Novocherkass gates, where my forces are very weak. I’m glad to have not sent Denikin’s Army against Kamenev, so I could move it against Stalin next turn…

Stalin’s stack is composed of infantry, armored trains and aviation. Not a bad mix.

Building my first artillery units in Rostov and recruiting a new White General.