Official 1.03 hotfix bugged

Posted: July 17, 2011 in Rus Mod

The official hotfix for RUS 1.03 has a bug and a serious one, causing CTDs. This bug has its origin in the AI routines of the exe and displays during turn resolution a message about “15 iter ” not being safe.

I’ve tried to overcome the 15 iter bug in FY, without success. Sooner or later, any game will crash. Period. Humourously, the 3.0 version without winter doesn’t show any sign of this bug which obviously has been introduced by the hotfix. SEPRUS at its best…

So as I’m forced to wait a hotfix to the hotfix, I will try to improve the install process and continue to adapt my AI events to AACW.

If you want to help, go on the official forum and upload saves of official games. For my own, I’m just thrilled how right I am about them, and how unfortunate has been the RUS career

But I’ve had some much fun with my last game I will continue to improve FY.


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