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As the title suggests, I’ve wavered a long time to release SVF 2.0 in a more private way, by reserving it to only a small community. I ‘ve finally chosen the reverse, mainly because SVF 1.0 was downloable without restriction and it wouldn’t have been fair to not allow those having played the first version to get their hands on the second.


If SVF 2.0 is biult as fast As I hope, I should then do ROP. For this one, I’m yet thinking about an open or private release ( Baris, whatever my choice, you will get my modded ROP, no need to ask!). As a very primitive version of my event files are yet in the official version, I feel myself forced to deliver  a better version to all.

If ever I may in the end do some adaptations for WIA, NCP ( 1812, 1815, Spanish war) and AJE, these ones should be private. I don’t need to get as much players as possible, as I have more and more pleasure to create something valuable for a few committed persons, whose help has been invaluable ( which isn’t measured only by the number of reports). Contrary to the opinions of a few really stupid people painting the world to the colors of their mediocrity, I’ve no competitive goal, or petty revenge on RL to get thanks to fanboyism, virtual title or function in the game field. My mods are devoted to the satisfaction to play more interesting games, for me first, for those who have bought as often a game on a cherished period they want to be portrayed as rightly than possible.


Belive it or not, if the list of project is huge, no one could be more time-consuming than FY. By the map size and the number of factions, FY is the Frankenstein of my mod family, and almost to the point to reach the point of impossibility to manage. SVF 2.0 is so much easier and faster to write I fear sometimes to miss the boat : -). And yet SVF is much more developed than what I plan to mod in ROP….


Now the method is almost as perfect as possible ( even if SVF will try a few variation on AI events), the improvements on AI are fastened to a point I would have dreamed yet 2 years ago. Let’s add agelint, suppressing 85 % of the bugs, the event chains template I may use from FY to other mods, and I feel I’m lucky as in a few months, I will maybe have 3 games to play with increasing pleasure, thanks to those having supported this very tedious task by their free help.

New version of Fatal Years uploaded

Posted: August 31, 2012 in Rus Mod

This version fixes the bug reported by Baris about Red leaders. Compatible with ongoing games. Available from the box to your left.

Not Sunday but…

Posted: August 30, 2012 in Rus Mod

A new Fatal Years version is available; Fixes the bug reported by Cordell, another one I’ve discovered. Many tweaks too for Red options to balance the game.

Among the main ones:

– Alliance with Anarchist will no more cost 2 NM

– Authorize Socialist Parties will not automatically cost 4 NM ( randomized)

– declare war on Baltic Republics will give 8 Nm to Reds

– cost in EP for several Red options revised.


Proletarians, to Red AAR (19)!

Posted: August 30, 2012 in AAR, Rus Mod

The last turn of 1918 has respected the Xmas truce: no combat this turn. My armies advanced, but either don’t reached enemy due to winter, or were too exhausted to attack…


The Czech demobilization is really a good news (in FY, this withdrawal is randomized, some factors being taken into consideration:    )



News of the day

Posted: August 30, 2012 in AACW Mod, Rus Mod

1) Fatal years: I’ yet rewriting some options text and balance them. Expect a new version rather soon. I will resume my AAR tonight.

2) SVF 2.0: I’ve modded the  settings files, which are much more complex today than 3 years ago ( not always a good things imho, as the externalization of some variables are sometimes redundant with other game feature). I should at least begin working on AI for the 2 first years Saturday. I work AI first , not only because it’s a computer wargame, but one lessons of FY has become part of my philosophy: assessing first how the AI performs gives a clear idea of the way to associate events and options and AI.

Work in progress

Posted: August 29, 2012 in AACW Mod, Rus Mod

1) Fatal Years: no new AAR tonight. I’m revising Red options and it should take a while.


2) SVF 2.0: preliminary work almost done. I’ve yet to integrate a few old events. I should begin to really write the secondary AI events from Saturday. I say secondary, because the primary ones are achieved. Thanks Baris for the files, it has allowed me to spot 2 weaknesses of the hard AI in AACW.

You want to help for SVF 2.0?

Posted: August 29, 2012 in AACW Mod

Simple. If you’re playing against AI in the official version, mail me at, place on the Matrix forum or, at worst, the AGEOD one, your save files and the backup1 folder. It will spare me to play the official version to get AI log files for study. Just mention which side you play.

A bug, a new version of Fatal Years

Posted: August 28, 2012 in Rus Mod

The bug affected the Red concessions to Allied option.


BTW, for balance purpose, the option will cost 10 EPs and no more 15.
available from the box to your left. Compatible with ongoing games.

SVF progress

Posted: August 28, 2012 in AACW Mod

Tonight I’ve written all done AI events for depot building,  defined  the USA AI preferences at start and revised the old events of SVF 1.0 about the big guns CSA got after the capture of Norfolk.


If much remains to do, I hope to propose a first beta version rather soon.


Gchristie, it will be here and on the Matrix forums. If you want to test SVF, try a bit Fatal Years. You should appreciate the AI.

Proletarians, to Red AAR (18)!

Posted: August 28, 2012 in AAR, Rus Mod

Early December 1918:

Among the most unknown political entities born during the RCW, I’m pleased to present you the Belarus National Republic.

The Belarus National Republic lost Minsk the 10th December 1918. In game term, a few Green militia units should figure convincingly this short-lived State…


One Red Army is forming at Smolensk.


Let’s come to more serious affairs: Ukraine first is now playable. Southern Whites have immediately advanced into Donbas:



Facing them, Makhno and his Anarchist. InFatal Years, Anarchist are an AI driven faction at start. They move and fight by themselves, without being manned by the Red player. When the Red player plays the alliance option, they become part of Red Army….Until the alliance is broken. They return to the status of AI faction…And they fight rather well 🙂


French expedition to Ukraine has landed at Odessa.


As I’ve explained before, French and Greek troops in Ukraine are too an independent faction, except if Whites may get control, with very high AIL. French normaly are fixed, except if the AIL is very high.


Why an independent faction? It’s the best way to avoid the official version fantasy about Allied troops running everywhere or fighting in Baltic in the same line than German Freikorps.

Ukrainian of course, have their AI factions too. yes factions. The UPR and the Galician force. AI will move them…Galicians aren’t represented in the official game, a very heavy omission, as they were amongst the first opponents to Poles.


With my partisans, of low value, I try to enter Kharkov. I’m sending a few divisions to bolster my Ukrainian Army Group.


Tsaritzyn: tried to attack with Stalin. Ugly defeat.


More: Krasnov has come North, the Cossacks are circling Tzaritsyn…The White AI is maybe targeting the Red Verdun…


BTW, I use Historical attrition for anyone: me and AI. AI seems to keep sufficiently wise in winter to  face the historical attrition effects.



After their retreat from Penza, the Czech stack has garrisoned Samara.

Samara is now too well defended for a simple raid. I’ve yet to take Syzran first.

Czech withdrawal is randomized in FY. Let’s say you need 6 on a 6 dice roll ( simulated by events). I’m an old boardgamer, and this system allows me to create modifier events, like low or high morale, allied pressure: more info here


I’ve yet received full load of men, WSU and money. The Red Army expands itself. I will need it. No time to be bored in FY.