Short notes

Posted: September 24, 2013 in Rus Mod

1° Don Cossacks: as you know, one weak point is the modelling of the alliance between Krasnov and Denikin during the first months of the GC. Both pursued their own military agenda, Denikin toward Kuban, Krasnov turning to Tzaritsyn and Voronezh.

I must admit I’ve been these last years under the influence of the mediocre solutions put by the official teams consisting to add events or home area settings penalizing units outside. These solutions are less than workable, as there is no way to get a filter to represent on map these home area and the evoluting situations may create moments where these home areas must be cancelled.

I dislike idiocy rule, unless when a good reason is worth the exception. In this case, an idiocy rule allows to display the impossibility to blend Cossacks and Volunteers to capture North Caucasus. And the rule is simple.

So, until Stember 18, Don Cossacks will have to remain in Don area, Tzaritsyn, Voronezh and neighbouring regions. If not, Southern Whites NM level will be lowered.

  1. Pat Cleburne says:

    I went from daily, to weekly, to monthly checks of this site. Then I got a new computer. Forget and move on… Well, I remembered and came back. 2 months of new updates! I’ll have some time to delve into the depths in the next few days. Thanks for coming back!

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