I’ve run a first turn of FY 1.09…

Posted: September 24, 2013 in Rus Mod

and of course I ran into some problems.

Among them, the Czech Under AI command came gallantly in full support of Semenov in Siberia from Vladivostok.

Of course, such a behaviour isn’t exactly historical and has to be addressed.

Does Semenov warband remain Under Siberian control? Definitely not. Semenov was never under Siberian command, at least until Kolchak lost power and life and relinquished the shambles of his authority to Semenov. Transforming Semenov in a minor AI faction would solve many troubles: gone the possibility to transfer Semenov to Volga, possibility to portray more precisely the troublesome attitude of Semenov in the rear, better linking between Semenov and Japan forces that could leave the permanently fixed stance and fight the Red guerilla bands. The faction would be neutral with Siberian, become hostile or friendly to Siberians with events.

Other problems are just theeting ones :-).

  1. Dick says:

    Sounds like the Siberian faction is really getting a major overhaul! And that’s good.

    Well, maybe it’s not so good for the Siberian player. Now their life will become harder. 😀

    Will FY 1.09 include any major changes to the Allied support given to the Kolchak government, like an option to make such major social reforms that the Allies will be interested in giving extra military help? As is well known, the Siberian Whites failed miserably at that in real life.

    • Clovis says:

      I don’t share the same analysis. England delivered a lot of material to Kolchak, even if he received less artillery than Denikin, and didn’t got tanks ( I suppose mainly because of the difficulty to carry them across Siberia). in a few months, it was sent about the same volume than the whole Bolshevik production.

      But this support didn’t lasted for long. FY has as major feature the AIl level and the social reform are raising the AIL. So I think your point will be addessed as such, because in the next FY, WSU and ammo will come mainly from Western support, and so the AIL decline will cancel any new deliveries for these items. This last point is the real novelty of FY 1.09 and is integrated well with AIL rules.

      For Siberian player…we’ll see. I let to other the choice to deliver games without having assessed gamebalance. The first FY 1.09 version will be released as an alpha, because balance will not have been checked. I foresee indeed Siberian player to be much less dominant but I can’t yet really be more precise.

      • Dick says:

        Yeah, they did get quite a lot of supplies, but I meant that they failed at social reforms. I find that one of the most interesting what-ifs of the RCW. If the Whites had been able to get more popular support, what might have happened?

      • Clovis says:

        They would have won 🙂 What Southern Whites lacked during Autumn 1919 was a popular support in Central Russia. Bolsheviks won because people generally denied support to Whites even if they hatred Bolsheviks.

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