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Posted: August 22, 2013 in Life of the blog

Thanks to all who are following my work on FY and have subscribed to it. It’s a real joy to work again on FY.

If I’m vanishing from time to time, it’s not exactly a burn out. It’s rather, beyond RL constraint, I’m coming from time to time to a deadlock. Like most people, I imagine at first complex solutions, and unfortunately I need a long time to let the dust settle until I come back to the problem with a very simple solution, which will work and will not hamper the play.


That’s maybe why after all this blog is surviving. after all, it seems there’s maybe a dedicated thread about it in the AGEOD beta forum 🙂

new search today

Posted: August 24, 2011 in Life of the blog

My blog has been visited twice today by people searching for estonian armoured train: interesting subject. I wonder if there is not a boardgame about Balt independence in the works. Who knows? 🙂
If so, good luck 🙂

Now I know…

Posted: August 21, 2011 in Life of the blog

Now I know Ageod has read this blog ( thanks one more time for them to have helped to reveal its modest existence :-), I may remove the RAFIKI posts. I let  the ugly things and the rewrite of history to those having time to such things. After all, indeed, the current traffic on AGEOD board doesn’t necessitate a full-time commitment for moderation and user help.

Potential havoc, real desert, contradictory posts: one sure thing, I will miss Monty Python on my blog. That was funny 🙂 And Monty Python were funny because they wanted to be. They were WAD. Others…

Never forget: they don’t need me. They may do what I’ve done. I’ve offered the method and they have my written explanations.Contrary to their way, I don’t regret to have let this behind me, for their use if they wish. My goal is to have an AGE engine game playable. If others will do this huge work rather than me, If then I may enjoy immediatly the game I’ve bought….THE BETTER. I don’t need to be quoted, commended or any open form of recognition. If someone is currently trying to reproduce what I’ve done in the past in the future AGEOD game, good luck and thanks for having never bothered me to get an help. I would have been forced to reply negatively and that would have annoyed me.

Under community claims and exposure of Works in Progress, there is sometimes for some modders just selfish interest. That’s why, when rightly or wrongly upset, they remove their files or their posts from downloads. That’s why too some have just only the desire to be integrated as soon as possible in the official team. The best modders are generally those modding only for their only use. however, to get a more definitive work, you need  to have the tools ( I suggested some commands AGEOD created) and some playtest by others, because only this way may allow to test AI against different styles of play or strategies.

RUS is so neglected I’ve been forced to do some propaganda to find such players for test. SVF will need much less, fortunately. I will not have to lose my time to promote my mod for obtaining this minimal level of interest I need to polish it.

And me, I don’t need them If I had, I would have ceased playing AGE engine games. I would play Hannibal: small team, no bugs, excellent AI. Or SSG: small team, excellent AI. Or WiTE: small team, many seasoned and real beta tester, great game playable from the start, even if balancing a WW2 East game is certainly one of the most difficult task in computer wargaming. Or Decisive Campaigns: small team, bug free, real AI. Or BFTB: small team, very complex system, excellent AI. Or Scourge of war: small team, AI present, complex system, without killing bugs from the start…

I could add some other games…I won’t. There is too much pleasure in these games or AGE 2.0 to let AGE 3.0….maturing, if possible.

Back to SVF. Some new posts about this week.

nuff said… 🙂


Posted: December 24, 2010 in Life of the blog

At last I’ve understood how allow access for search engines to this blog  🙂