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New version of Fatal Years released

Posted: September 27, 2011 in Rus Mod

This version is compatible with ongoing games.


It changes only the bonus given by Xp gains for units as described below. The settings have been exported lately by AGEOD and, as often, changes are huge and undocumented, or at least not officially commented….



Here the new setting for xp bonus

expAutoGainXPChance = 2 // % chance per turn to gain 1 xp
expAutoGainXPMaxLevel = 1 // max level that can be reached with autogain (VGN = 4) Only 1 Xp level gain per game without battles or events
expGainPtsOffFire = 50 // gain in hundredth of points to a given stat. Rounding to 1 starts at 0.50 1 point for offensive fire each 2 xp levels ( 2 stars)
expGainPtsDefFire = 50 idem
expGainPtsInit = 25 1 point for offensive fire each 4 xp levels ( 4 stars)
expGainPtsRange = 0 // VGN is 0
expGainPtsROF = 10 //1 point for offensive fire each 10 xp levels ( 10 stars)
expGainPtsDisc = 35 1 point for offensive fire each 3 xp levels ( 3 stars)
expGainPtsAslt = 50 1 point for offensive fire each 2 xp levels ( 2 stars)
expGainPtsPolice = 35 1 point for offensive fire each 3 xp levels ( 3 stars)
expGainPtsPatrol = 35 1 point for offensive fire each 3 xp levels ( 3 stars)
expGainPtsEvade = 35
expGainPtsCoh = 400 //3 for VGN 4 cohesion points for each Xp level
expGainPtsDetect = 7
expGainPtsHide = 7
expGainPtsAirRec = 50
expGainPtsAirCbt = 100
expGainPtsAirBmb = 100

Yes, explaining new rules is good.

Volga Front: early August 18

Posted: September 26, 2011 in Rus Mod

Siberian AI is pushing on Simbirsk, defended by Muraviev. The Chapaev division, sent here as relief, is entirely destroyed : -5 NM.


In the same time, Trotsky is advancing toward Samara…


Strange problem solved

Posted: September 26, 2011 in Rus Mod

The last FY version couldn’t be downloaded, as the last one (21st September) was.


So I uploaded again 09/26 version. It should work now;


Sorry for the (unexplained) trouble/

New version of Fatal Years released

Posted: September 25, 2011 in Rus Mod

Removes Ekaterinodar supply depot
Adds some Red divisions at Smolensk and Novgorod
minor fixes on 2 events


At start, Reds have a stockpile at Ekaterinodar, so they will have to live with or keep supply coming from Tzaritsyn.

Reds will get too some divisions on the German front at start( Smolensk and Novgorod). They were part of the screen forces Bonch-Bruevich was creating aginst Germany. Part were used on Lenin order to reinforce Volga in July and August 18.


Reds had too much supplies in this area at start, when the scarce resources were coming from Tzaritsyn and Astrakhan. However, as supply depots are creating supply in AGE engine, the presence of supply depots at Ekaterinodar and Grozny were allowing gamey tactics, like concentration of all Red forces at Ekaterinodar, checking southern White AI and even I guess Southern White player.

My Red units are deserting

Posted: September 24, 2011 in Rus Mod

November 18: my NM is 88. White AI has chosen to use the option to recruit among my deserting troops:


The system is abstract as there are no command for switch sides for a unit. Some of my units have suffered attrition and one of the White factions has got conscripts. But that’s another reason in FY to keep NM high 🙂

The danger of endless and superfluous details, like described pancake supply mod, has found a real illustration in PON for coal pits, which needs to extract coal….coal. And when coal is lacking….

It would have been both safer and simpler to have determined the coal production to 11 rather than 12…Or to have tested the game before release…Or to have foreseen such issues…PON design is just adding details for details…Alas.

Playing Reds in Fatal Years

Posted: September 23, 2011 in Rus Mod

Playing Red side in FY may seem easier than siding with Whites at first glance.


After all, you have at your disposal a central position and sheer mass of men and weapons: 6 requisitions and 6 conscriptions delivering more than the White Regional policies:



Here the results of a full use of 6 requisitions and 6 conscriptions. A whole lot of new divisions to hammer Whites.


Let’s add several options to your disposal , like propaganda to rise NM,and the game seems easy indeed.


FY has tried to reflect the flaws who hampered the Red war effort. beyond mediocre leaders in general, like in the official version, your units will begin at very low cohesion levels, forcing you to get a large numerical superiority, especially against Southern Whites and Polish seasoned armies.


Let’s add you will have to win before the end of 1920, as Whites will receive from this years VPs each turn. You will be under menace of Allied full scale intervention, Finland involvement, and Green rising revolts as you will use the Regional policies to get your massive armies.


So one of your goal will be , as in reality, to create a core of experienced troops , to be used on crucial points. They will come from XP earned into battles and of course use of the Trotsky military reform, even if at first, this option will have negative consequences on your NM.
During the first year,you will have both to be cautious and aggressive.  main choices must be done: Siberians or Southern Whites? Southern Whites are tougher but their territorial tenure is so small at start they may seem a valuable objective, when Siberians are so prone to decay by their internal dissensions. However, as long Siberians are controlling Samara and Kolchak isn’t in power, Green loyalty may rise in your areas, increasing revolt risk after.


The second great choice is the strategy in Baltic area. More later 🙂

Infighting in Fatal Years

Posted: September 22, 2011 in Rus Mod

One of my pet feature in FY: internal infighting locking part of your forces for one turn

Here the Trokskyst camp locked for one turn, when the Siberian menace on Simbisrk is closing…

Line 10394: Event already referenced, current occurences 0 Max allowed: 99 <>
Line 10397: CheckIsPlayer: Checking if faction is under human player control 1000003 Communists True
Line 10398: Min date evaluated: 1918/07/01 converted to turn 4045 current turn 4046 True
Line 10399: Max date evaluated: 1921/12/30 converted to turn 4129 current turn 4046 True
Line 10401: Probability evaluated: Probability 5 rolled 4 True
Line 10403: Entering triggered actions for event evt_nam_Disgruntled_Trotskyst
Line 10405: SelectSubUnits 1002574 L. Trotsky added, List Count now at: 1
Line 10405: SelectSubUnits 1000580 I.I. Vatzetis added, List Count now at: 2
Line 10405: SelectSubUnits 1000563 M.N. Tukhachevsky added, List Count now at: 3
Line 10405: SelectSubUnits 1002415 Ghai-Khan added, List Count now at: 4
Line 10405: SelectSubUnits finished Regions Selected: 3 SubUnits Selected: 4
Line 10406: AlterCuSubUnit Unit Ukraine Front parent of: 1002574 L. Trotsky fixation type changed to 1
Line 10406: AlterCuSubUnit Unit Tukhachevsky’ Column parent of: 1000563 M.N. Tukhachevsky fixation type changed to 1
Line 10406: AlterCuSubUnit Unit Ukraine Front parent of: 1000580 I.I. Vatzetis fixation type changed to 1
Line 10406: AlterCuSubUnit Unit Western Front parent of: 1002415 Ghai-Khan fixation type changed to 1
Line 10409: Finished processing event: evt_nam_Disgruntled_Trotskyst

Kamenev Army is grounded because of the presence of Ghai-Khan into. I’ve chosen to lock entire stacks because of an element for strengthening the effect of a rare event ( probability of 5/100 each turn) and for realism sake, dissensions in a military unit having direct consequence on movement and reaction capacities. A better solution would of course have been reducing let’s say by 50% movement allowance, but that’s IMO not possible.

Such a random event will force you to change your plans and to feel the hazards of war

No brainer features

Posted: September 22, 2011 in Mod Workshop, Rus Mod, Wargaming

No brainer features are the most insidious trap for a strategy game. Let’s take the Rise Of Prussia options example: Prussia may buy the intervention of England. Who will play Prussia without buying this option? Each side may buy replacements by options…Who will not buy these replacements?
A no brainer features is boring. So much boring you may forget to play it in time.Boring when playing,annoying when you forgot to play them.

In the end, gameplay is affected by the feeling something is wrong: not only activating England entry into war by option is boring no resemblance to the real process of diplomacy, but you wonder why this entry hasn’t been automated. At least, you wouldn’t be at risk to forget to activate it…

A no brainer option will kill the role playing aspect any wargame needs to be enjoying. You have to believe you’re Frederick II. Frederick II didn’t think he should have to wait yet 3 months before having sufficient EPs to buy British intervention.


However, ROP hasn’t diplomatic rules. How to model the diplomacy with options without creating a no brainer one?


FY has some options dealing with diplomacy. As much as possible, the option generates negative consequences too you must ponder when you’re thinking about buying the option. Some has unknown consequences, positive or negative in the future, changing them to a bet. Others are modelled to be partially beyond your control ( The Allied Intervention Level by example).


Never an option, if the system is balanced( and it’s not yet the case) should be unavoidable. Never  a choice evident. Never without risk or penalties. Strategy is based not on choices ( that’s why adding endlessly details doesn’t create great strategy games), but on unforgiving choices. Yes, unforgiving and punishing errors or bad luck…

New command: EvalInflation….

Posted: September 21, 2011 in AACW Mod

Today have been announced this new script command evaluating inflation level for a faction.

For PON of course. I suspect it will be used soon for AI events :-).

We’ll see if this command will be retrofitted in AACW. Imagine, at last a simple way:

– link NM and hyperinflation for CSA

– place the level of inflation as condition for some AI events modifying Options frequency and cost like Printing money.

One more proof the most useful tools aren’t pancake supplies and all unnecessary details.  A very good news.