Pancake supply and coal

Posted: September 24, 2011 in News bout Ageod games, Wargaming

The danger of endless and superfluous details, like described pancake supply mod, has found a real illustration in PON for coal pits, which needs to extract coal….coal. And when coal is lacking….

It would have been both safer and simpler to have determined the coal production to 11 rather than 12…Or to have tested the game before release…Or to have foreseen such issues…PON design is just adding details for details…Alas.

  1. Steve Karlson says:


    You really aren’t capable of constructive criticism, are you?

    As I see it, your claim to fame is repeating the same comments and doing the same AI coding for each game.

    I can teach my dog to do the same trick over and over too….

    So keep on. See ya when you figure out how to help others.

    • Clovis says:

      Nah, my dear, I don’t talk , I do, better AI and for those having played FY better game. So do the same thing, as he will show you’re as smart than your dog ( which isn’t so eveident considering your message). Masochist fanboys don’t impress me, especially when the are themselves serving their pitiful comments.In the same time you will ask for bug fixing, remember only 3 things:

      Official ROP AI is mine
      Official RUS AI is mine
      When I play Fatal Years, I enjoy a game, when those using PON enjoy new bugs introduced by the last beta patches.

      Don’t feel madatory to reply you will not play FY. I don’t care about numbers of players for my mod. I care about having a great game and great betatesters. You’re will obviously never been one of them.

      About economy in patch Oscar, this thread summarizes well one the reason it is broken:

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