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New version of Fatal Years released

Posted: October 3, 2011 in Rus Mod

Compatible with ongoing games.


What’s new?


– WSU cost for Armored Trains lowered ( balance purpose)

– Minor bugs in events fixed.

Why Trotsky is dying in official RUS?

Posted: October 3, 2011 in Rus Mod

Once again, the so called Andiatep is showing all his expertise here. The kind of guy searching complex solutions to a simple problem.

The trouble is more simple that his stupid assertion: in the official RUS, because of a typo, the death chance of Trotsky is  1 000 rather than 100. Fixed in Fatal Years since months, like many things. Hey, they are a small team. I’m just alone.

GMT game clip

Posted: October 1, 2011 in Wargaming