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New version of Fatal Years released

Posted: August 31, 2011 in Rus Mod

This new version delivers both new Siberian option and rules described in the last post and fixes some bugs signaled in the Matrix forums ( AI warning message, Sudden death FUBAR, etc)

BEWARE: due to lack of time, I haven’t tested this version. So the older remains available, when the new in the box is named Fatal Years mod RC.


Compatible with ongoing games, if it works.

New Siberian rules finalized

Posted: August 31, 2011 in Rus Mod


From January 19, Siberian player will have the option to request Japan military intervention. The option will cost 3 EPs.

In the next 4 turns, there’s a 15% chance Japan accepts to enter the Civil war by releasing the Japanese divisions guarding the Transsiberian railway.

However this option will enforce:

–       A 6 loss for Allied Intervention Level

–       A NM loss between 15 to 30 if Siberian Whites NM is superior or equal to 80

–       A 15 NM gain for Reds

–       Regional Policies will not be playable between Vladivostock and Irkutsk

Notes: during Autumn 1919, several attempts were made by Whites to Japanese officials to get their military support . Siberian troops were in disarray and the help should have been backed by substantial territorial and economical concessions to Japan in the Far-East.

Japan declined, seeing no profit in a full military intervention. Moreover, France, Great Britain and United States were very concerned by any Japanese extension in the Far East and would have taken very badly such an alliance.

The option has so many huge bad effects for Whites, in order to limit player’s desire to use it, unless desperate situation.

Japanese intervention may seem very limited in size but logistical problems would have limited Japan presence on a Frontline close to urals to an handful of divisions at best…


From March 1920 if the Siberian player has chosen the historical path and January 21 if he plays under unhistorical path rules, Siberian will get VPs each turn for the following cities: Omsk (2), Ekaterinburg (2), Ufa (4),Perm (4), Orenburg (4),Kazan (5), Samara (5), Syzran (5),Saratov(5)

Notes: this new rule solves 2 problems.

The first belongs to Siberian Whites interest to be played.Indeed, if the Siberian player fails to fulfill the conditions for Allied reconnaissance, he will have yet a chance to win, by holding at least in part the Volga bend.


The second is usual when you propose in a game an alternative option: 97% of players will choose it, and it’s very difficult to balance a untested in RL path…The difference in starting dates will be an incentive to discard the unhistorical apth and try to perform better than the faction…

Siberian will get a new option, intervention of Japan in Civil War. Reserved for lost cause of course

If Siberian player chooses to stick with the historical path, he will get from March 1920 VPs for controlling Samara, Kazan, Ekaterinburg, Perm, Omsk, Saratov, Syzran and Simbirsk ( offering an incitation to keep this way). If the unhistorical path is followed, the same bonus will apply only from January 1921.

Murmansk force will randomly suffer from coordination difficulties.

In the unhistorical path, the loss of Samara will trigger the end of unity bonus ( SR being weakened, they are eliminated by far-right elements).

More later. When I mod, I progress step by step. We’re now in the balance and flavour domain. These new rules will offer to Siberian White player an alternative to play if he can’t succeed in military affairs sufficiently to trigger Allied reconnaissance bonus, calm down a bit the Murmansk agitation , and allow anyone to attempt to cry “Banzai!”.

There will be ( at last) economical crisis in PON.

IMHO, much of the data trouble will be gone too. After having discarded for years the necessity to use some tools to fix data errors, AGEOD has  finally recognized releasing a game with broken chains of events for Japan and Prussia was to be avoided.

No insight about improvements for the unsatisfying diplomatic subsystem.Let’s hope.

But it will remain the main trouble: the 1,680 turns coupled with long turn resolution. A fatal combo. The interaction betwwen the different subsystems is yet under question, and I’m a little scared by such replies:

In the next version, Paris will NOT be transfered to the rebels on the Paris Commune event… that was the source of this problem…


Because the problem has been seen from the Prussian side. What a Commune whose Rebels don’t control Paris give when you’re playing France?Another problem?

RED early September 18

Posted: August 30, 2011 in Rus Mod

My NM is now only 85, due to White successes and huge conscription effort and the immediate side effects of the Military Reform option.


Dangerous. Not only because my troops will fight more poorly: Whites may play options simulating desertions in my ranks, with new conscripts for them and units removal for me…


How to raise quickly my NM?

In Fatal Years, each faction has some options allowing slight boost in NM, to a cost though.
By example, I will play this turn:


and this second:



The first has evident trade off by lowering Loyalties in key cities, arisk for the following years. the NM boost represents the coming of motivated troops in Red Army ranks.

The second is just the translation of the Bolshevik advantage Reds had during Civil War in propaganda department, the Whites having neglected this weapon until the late 1919 for the essential.

These options add several things :

– deeper strategies by offering some alternatives to the nM variations only by military successes ( these ones remaining the main however :-), it’s a wargame after all)

– deeper political and economical flavour for the player who may use non military weapons

– better historicity by completing the RCW mood with its Propaganda material, public meetings and organized manifestations of massive enrollment.

– gameplay balance, by offering each factions a way to overcome troubles and come back if all goes well ( not assured) 😉 )

is just demonstrating how well focused it is on Ekaterinodar on Novorosomething….


A Fatal Years feature: Red infighting

Posted: August 29, 2011 in Rus Mod

Under the nominal discipline in the Party, Bolsheviks were heavily divided in political cliques opposing on almost anything, from politics toward peasants to military affairs.

In FY, some leaders, like Kamenev, are members of the Trotsky faction, others of the Stalin one. From time to time, they may be locked for one turn, to reflect strategical dissensions creating confusion in command chains.

Here Kamenev has advanced to isolate Czech forces from Samara. However, the event grounding for one turn Trotsky’s clique leaders has fired…at the worst moment.

New version of Fatal Years released

Posted: August 29, 2011 in Rus Mod

Yes, a new one… In fact, I’ve discovered some events tied to the Red military reform weren’t working as designed (the AlterCuSubUnit command is rather hard to decipher, the Wiki description of some parameters being rather lousy).


Compatible with ongoing games though 🙂
Available from the box to your left.

The young Rommel will be integrated later 🙂 for October DNO.

And now aviation

Posted: August 29, 2011 in Rus Mod

Evident confusion between conditions of the static WW1 Western Front and the seesaw battles of the RCW aside, giving artillerist ability to aviation will create a bonus for player over the AI, the latter ignoring how to use abilities ( yes, it ignores).

I’ve implemented a few weeks ago another solution, better IMHO: aviation will move on ground as fast than infantry. Not realistic, except it gives possibility to stack to integrate avaiation ( simulating longer range, which is difficult by other ways due to AGE engine specificities) and it will place on equal foot both player and AI.

Why I will not implement this

Posted: August 29, 2011 in Rus Mod


On paper, it looks very interesting.



– of course, current supply in RUS/FY is more abundant than in reality .However, making such a change needs to be tested first on a small scenario rather than the Great Campaign, whose complexity and scope will make test much more difficult ( what I would name the PON syndrome);

– among the possible side effects, the AI. I know for some AI in computer wargames is a liability but for the 90% playing single games, it’s not

– last, Andiatep as as often forgotten the most important: if factions suffered from ammo scarcity, they were able to concentrate the supply on key point, like Reds in April 19 to counterattack the Siberians. Bolsheviks sent all ammo produced to this Front ( which explains partly Denikin’s success in South).


So where is the function in AGE 2.0 engine to alter supply distribution and create priority? Nowhere, this being only introduced in PON until now. So rather than concentrate on one front, you will get ammo scarcity on all Fronts, without being able to favour some units…The result: all Fronts will have to wait long turns between offensives and your quiet Northern Front will get as much ammo than Tzaritsyn under White attack..

That’s why for now, I will let the non perfect but workable supply system. If I find time to test some changes ( I’ve some ideas about indeed 🙂 ) I will try them first in smaller scenario like Russo-Polish war.