About AI in Fatal Years…

Posted: July 20, 2011 in AAR, Rus Mod

Quote of a player today, playing Reds against Whites in June 1920:

I had Stalin with his Eastern Front sat in Samara. Not that a powerful a stack, combat power of of 1000, about 26 thousand troops. One of the Siberian White stacks sits outside this city for about three turns, it looked a big stack, so I change the Eastern Front attitude to Defensive, Defend and Retreat (usually by third round). Not worried, because I think this stack is equally worried of me as I am it.

Turn three later, another huge Siberian stack appear, stops Stalin from retreating and they commit. Stalin cannot retreat; come the third round and the Reds fail to pull back…this is a Siberian force all told mustering 70k troops to Stalins puny 25k.

I loose the whole of the Eastern Front. Not happy. But what I am trying to say is the first stack to appear stays OUT of engaging Stalin until his friendly stacks appear, then cut him off from retreating and destroy the whole force. The Siberians will no doubt be recruiting prisoners sometime soon. This was a clever move from the AI…to spot Stalin and call his friends and stop him from retreating.

Now, what the Siberians should do is to roll south and take Tsaritsyn, they could do so easily.

  1. KevSparrowv says:

    Yeah, that was an interesting game. I was slowly winning, but those Siberian stacks seem to wait within the depths of the Russian hinterland and come out of hiding when their ‘areas’ are threatened, such as Samara and Ekaterinburg. Idea really is to focus on separate theatres and combine all your fronts into one great big battle with White stacks – a bit like with AACW. I could usually could smash the AI with a few large scale battles (although I have not played that game for a while now). RUS has great potential.

  2. Clovis says:

    He could have been a hit. Now, let’s just hope some small communauty will be rebuilt around a more plished and challenging version :-).

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