Hi Baris

Posted: December 29, 2011 in Wargaming

I would like first to thank you for this:


BTW, you could nominate yourself, as much of your comments on the official board have hit the nail about some historical and gameplay points.

BUT…But I don’t think it’s an idea which will be accepted with enthusiasm. Some could even consider this like a provocation. I know some AGEOD volunteers are reading my modest writings, like the Pancake supply mod message they have certainly liked a much…and now to find invisible bugs I’ve fixed, like the one present since years about major ferry terrain and I’ve fixed thanks to Agelint program created by Berto I’m using, even to eliminate the invisible bugs…. some decided a few weeks ago it was unnecessary.

On a personal note, whatever she could now think or believe, I will ever keep a great consideration for Aphrodite May and his husband, who are very kind persons, having suffered these last years from economical crisis. They were part of this beautiful of very competent persons on the board around 2007 and 2008 when AACW was a new game, and whose so many have now get away (Gray_Lensman has gone too , but I will not say he was part of this gifted band).

They try to help AGEOD once again, and Aphrodite May is a very gifted and smart person. Now, the whole aim of this thread is to give medals toAgeod forumnites, and I will never come back to these forums. So the medal would remain useless.

Many haven’t understood the key point: I wouldn’t have done FY if I had kept my positions at AGEOD. I didn’t leave AGEOD to do FY, only because of some behaviours. HOWEVER, what I’ve learnt this year, to be disturbing but true, is the best points of FY couldn’t have been done with the ” Seprus” official team, or the AGEOD one. Sad but true.

  1. Baris says:

    Hello Clovis,
    I thought it would be nice to remind to people of other valunteers. As in real life I guess gaming industry is very competitive and very difficult to be correct in design and sales. But it is more important and valuable to have cheerful community sometimes for the devs to lower stress. 🙂

    • Clovis says:

      For my own, I just miss more free time to achieve all what I would do ;-). And I’ve got a superb medal in the last months: Fatal Years, the game I’m addicted to play.

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