SVF 2.0 progress report : 11/26/2012

Posted: November 26, 2012 in Uncategorized

Here a preliminary draft for the Objectives page of the ledger. More fine tuning is needed of course.


  1. wathne says:

    hi clovis, looking good. will it be possible to invest in industrialization?
    best regards…

    • Clovis says:

      Sure, even if there will be some changes from the original version. However, you will be able ( and forced) to invest into industrialization) to get more WSU, general supply and ammo. Industrialization will be done by regional decisions, with a randomization of the results. The best point isn’t in construction however…These new structures will be destroyable…March to the Sea is coming at last in AACW. Burn, burn 🙂

  2. wathne says:

    hehe sounds great clovis!! but will there be time to invest in industrialization if the scenario starts in july 61, and not april?
    best regards…

    • Clovis says:

      The original feature is sound in its principle but too much randomized for my taste. You could get from one game to another a full load of WSU in the first months or almost nothing. SVF 2.0 will deliver less randomization, so average results will be reachable sooner. Moreover, considering the starting levels of production, players will hvae to invest into industry. As in my first try for SVF 2.0, players will have too the possibility to buy weapons in Europe for the first months. Last, WSU stockpiling will be adressed in SVF 2.0. In the offcial game, even if WSU are scrace at start, at the end of the game players crumbles genrally under WSU. Surpluses will be sold to get money if players wants, WSU will be needed for maintenance ( I’ve yet to define more precisely how. One example: each blockade fleet will need once a year some WSU to remain active. I want to avoid micromangement, but it should be possible to display a warning message about the need of WDU for 20 blockade fleet, each one costing let’s say 3 WSU for this year.

  3. wathne says:

    this sounds really interesting. it adds an enhanced feeling of the economic management of the era. what are your ideas regarding the political system?
    best regards…

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