Proletarians, to Red AAR (12)

Posted: August 24, 2012 in AAR, Rus Mod

Early September 18:


In the rear, the first new divisions are ready. They are filled with low quality conscripts, artillery is scarce, supply wagons are yet in formation, but I need them on the Volga ASAP. I send the most part to Saransk with Timoshenko to organize a new formation here.

From Cheboksary to Saratov, my Red forces will undertake their first offensive move. No dashing raids, for now, but a limited advance to test Siberian reaction. the 30,000 men led by Trotsky will place themselves at striking distance of Simbirsk and Kazan, hoping the AI will not garrison them.


I’ve got the number of EP to fire Sorokin, at least. Kamenev tries to extract as most as possible units toward Tzaritsyn, but the movement rate of the stack is agonizingly slow, due to low cohesion. Next game, Kamenev will go to Penza directly to command the Red army group facing Samara.


Stalin has been fixed this turn, due to infighting among Reds. Remember the 1920 episode during the Polish war…Fatal years is built on the same chaos concept than Triumph of chaos, the boardgame; not obeying orders was for all faction very frequent. The infighting events let you insecure: your leader may suddenly stop, ceasing to follow your orders, whatever the situation. I know perfectly 90% of computer players want absolute control over subordinates. It just doesn’t work for the RCW. Those believing Bolsheviks were immune because of the Party discipline are ignoring the Party was until 1921 divided in factions bickering heavily on key issues, including the military questions. It took Lenin almost 2 years to impose a real obedience of the Center over the periphery, by the wy of the so called fight against “localism”.


I’ve sent Frunze with minimal forces to capture back Vologda from rebels


The results of the turn aren’t exceptional but no major setback has been inflicted on me. Frunze has fulfilled his mission. Siberian Whites targeted Saransk but my own move has delayed their attack. I’ve taken a new defeat, but the losses are balanced


Trotsky hasn’t encountered great resistance, destroying an unsupported Czech armored train. Both Simbirsk and Kazan are garrisoned, contrary to Samara ( an AI weakness I’ve to fix…)


Sorokin has been removed. Denikin has attacked Novorossiysk and Whites are now targeting Grozny. The Southern area is lost for the Reds.




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