Proletarians, to Red AAR (11)!

Posted: August 23, 2012 in AAR, Rus Mod

Late August 1918:


My first Requissitions and conscriptions regional decisions have been achived and given melarge number of men and materials, immediatly used to build new units. They will not be ready before 3 to 6 turns, but the Red Army has begun its extension:



The second good news is the arrival of Timochenko, a Red leader without 0 rating, for free, thanks to the Bonch-Bruevich effect. Bonch Bruevich was a ex-Tzarist officer and the brother of Lenin ‘ secretary, an old Bolshevik. He was very smart to convince other officers to join the Reds, even if they opposed to Communism. Of course, Timoshenko isn’t an ex-Tzarist officer, but FY hasn’t distinguished between the different categories of Red Generals ( what a shame!).

Red have the option to replace Bonch by Vatzetis, who will amplify the military reform effect.


On the Volga, Trotsky has gathered around 30,000 men at Cheboksary but will remain passive this turn, as I’m waiting yet more units before launching a counteroffensive. I’m not easy with this decision, as my NM is yet around 70-75 and could be lowered again by the events described in precedent episodes of this AAR. However, a premature action would cost me my only elite units. Sheer numbers for Bolsheviks are almost mandatory.


In the Kuban, I’ve not yet these 3 EPs necessary to fire Sorokin; Kamenev will go elsewhere in my next game! Some of my units retreat toward Tzaritsyn, to save as much as possible; I keep a strong garrison at Novorossyisk as a desperate solution to delay the Southern Whites ( this harbor is the key to future Allied help).


Stalin and the Xth Army will chase Cossacks from Balashov to keep open the Moscow_Tzaritsyn railway.


The results are encouraging: Stalin wins my first victory

If Southern Whites haven’t moved against Novorossyisk, the encirclement of my army has been processed further:

In the same time, the Southern Whites are covering the railway between Ekaterinodar and Tzaritsyn to prevent fast Red offensive move:


The Volga front? Quiet runs the Volga this turn. Siberian Whites have been as defensive than me this turn. Will it lasts? Or are they taking a second breath?

  1. Patrick Cleburne says:

    So Bonch-Bruevich gives free generals? I understand now. Maybe give him an ability describing that effect. Take training officer from him and give it to Vatzetis (only as CiC)? I’m not sure what kind of bonus you give to the Bonch/Vatzetis option, so maybe keep training officer on Bonch. It’s only 2 upgrades per turn.

    • Clovis says:

      Bonch Bruevich was replaced by Vatsetis in September 18, offcially for sickness, but the real motives are unclear. Vatsetis has both virtues to be a dedicated Bolshevik and to be rather close of Trotsky on military affairs.

  2. Mike says:

    For the too tip above, the following is a revision with some questions and alternatives in brackets to explain more and clarify the two effects traded off.

    “If this option is played, Vatzetis will replace Bonch-Bruevich as CinC. Vatzetis allows more positive events from the Military reform option, speeding the reform’s improvement of Red unit quality. However, Vatzetis will be locked in Moscow [permanently? until released?] and Red loses the Bonch-Bruevich ex-Tsarist recruitment random events that each give Red an additional [ex-Tsarist] general without cost.”

    • Clovis says:

      Additional general, not only ex-tzarist…Too much work for creating such a feature…

      permanently…for now, I’ve yet to decide about the next step šŸ™‚ I will add your remarks. Thanks

  3. Wargamer says:

    Hi šŸ™‚

    The pic used for Bonch-Bruevich option is not B-B, is he?

  4. Wargamer says:

    Ah. In this link there is a pic from 1917

    • Clovis says:

      Better. Replacement for the Sunday patch. Your name will be mentionned in FY without having having to pay 250 $ ( the joke of the day, I let you find where I could have got this superb idea šŸ™‚ ). So much happy to have left this boat.

  5. Wargamer says:

    I am also surprised by AJE prices, but if there is people willing to pay and support this way, why not to offer the option?

    • Clovis says:

      It’s not the price or the support aim, but some of the bonus items which are imho funny: I know we’re all in search of glory, but proponing to be immortalized as a Roman General, having his name in a public forum…I know how much vanity is a mighty tool, but it has let in me a feeling rather unpleasant. As much I ‘m grateful for those investing time and money in project, as much I will certainly buy AJE twice,as I think the right price for a computer wargame is around 40, ressorting to egotism appeal is based on a very different ground, populated with fanboys. Just my 2 cents.

      Yes, i will maybe buy twice AJE, if and only if I get the certitude the combat model produce one sided losses, like battles in Ancient times. From what I see in screenshots, this isn’t the case. But maybe they are done with very preliminary version.

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