Proletarians, to Red AAR (13)

Posted: August 25, 2012 in AAR, Rus Mod

Late September 18: My NM is yet around 70, Novorossyisk will fall this turn, completing the SOuthern Whites conquest of their core area,. however, the crisis peak has maybe been reached.

Next turn, I will get yet more resources to build new units. A lot again. On the Volga front, I’ve now roughly 70,000 men, about as much than in real RCW at this date, and they match in number the Siberian ones. Remember Siberian AI plays with the same constraints than a human player for sending Siberian troops in help to Komuch.

Of course, I could let the AI concentrate all its forces on the Volga. AI would be yet more dangerous. But I feel such unhistorical behaviour would damage the simulation aspect and so the immersion factor. I should help Red AI in turn, or simply the player, adding more fantasy in the game; with the current events, I ‘ve been wounded by the Siberian, and I’ve now to take back the lost terrain, with yet limited if growing resources.

My plan for this turn is simple:

Each Red pincer is larger than the opposing forces; if the Siberian AI concentrates all its units against one pincer, the second will be able to pick the next turn either Simbirsk, or Samara, or Kazan. I keep A defensive line with 2 concentration points.

As I need money, and EPs are back, I choose the Raise money option. I will lose 2 more NM, but the large money income will boost the unit building next turn.

BTW, raise money option will deliver in FY a randomized sum ( hey, tax perception during RCW was rather in shambles ;-).


In the South, anyone will retreat toward Tzaritsyn, even Stalin. Now Southern Whites have achieved their primary objectives, I must care of a possible, even if uncertain, offensive effort against Tzaristsyn. Moreover, the removal of Sorokin, backed by Stalin, may create special infighting grounding Stalin and his Army…

The results are not spectacular but very encouraging: Siberian have concentrated Czech and Komuch main forces against Southern pincer, blocking it without battle. Trotsky and Chapaiev have fulfilled their objectives and the overall situation look very promising.


In the SOuth, Whites are attacking Grozny.


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