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December 61

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McClellan AI is implementing a sort of loose Campaign in the Peninsula plan




Burnside has left Petersburg because of lack of supply.

The cavalry problem in AJE

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The point is perfectly resumed here:


When you know the importance of cavalry in the Ancient times, it can just be summed up the current AJE battle model is unable to simulate ancient warfare, even in scenario where fortunately cavlary is largely superseded by enemy forces relying vastly on heavy infantry.


Now, how Cannae would be played with the current system? Or even , to avoid Hannibal genius consequences, the Battle of Bagrades  (  ) during the first Punic War?


The trouble isn’t tied to cavalry alone; Other infantry units, light and medium ones, slingers and anyone throwing something, have no real values in AJE current battle system.


As usual, the problem is clearly ignored by reviewers and the first impressions of players discovering a complex system aren’t altered by a default heavily masked by the superior layers of events settings, gfx.


However, AJE remains a wargame. If a wargame is built on a flawed battle system, it will create side effects. In AJE case, the most important side effects are first the unbalancing of many if not all scenarios as the faction with the better heavy Infantry units is almost bound to win? and secondly the better AI performance of AI with these same favored factions…


We’ll see if the next patch, announced for a few days, will address this. A very difficult task. The battles are the core of a wargame. Changing a battle model needs heavy tests to be sure to solve the problem without creating a new one…It will be yet necessary to qualify AJE as a simulation.

Next turn…

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Union AI has decided to go to Richmond. I should have garrisoned it a bit more….


AI agents (3)

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They are hoping much certainly in the new AI Agent feature:


I feel the same. It will be a nice addition if ever retrofitted in RUS ? AACW, ROP…

AbouT AJE AI, remember: it’s mostly attracted by your stacks when it has some powerful ones and by the objective cities you control. ANd a tendency to ignore the objectives it holds….the first 2 AI agents file are one destined certainly for helping it for giving more consideration for these hold objectives and the second for patrolling at sea. The AJE AI is  yet a real opponent, even if the same method in AGE games with supply lines would let it very vulnerable to rear attack. ANother difficulty is the AI propensity to run back and forth between objectives, to the risk of attrition if historical attrition is used.
The AI agents aren’t in use as far I may conclude from my run in Spartacus scenario. Studied the file and played. Solid design BTW, even if battles are too numerous and inconclusive. I’ve seen Crassus fight a large battle against Spartacus in the vicinity of Tarentium before running to Messina….Decisive battles aren’t yet in AJE.

Union AI : first screens

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July 61.
I haven’t moved at all as CSA but it wouldn’t have changed much.
AI settings: normal difficulty, more time, activation level +1 ( default), AI fow +1 ( and not +2, a test to see if AI bonus may be reduced). In short, AI has very few bonuses.
Missouri: Rolla and Lexington under Union control
Kentucky: Union AI has invaded KY in June 61 ( very rare occurrence) and is step by step taking control with the first available brigades. In short, the AI is able to cope with the poor strategical decision to invade KY
Virginia: you will note Union AI has captured Grafton with a rather small force coming from Ohio. Mc Dowell is trying to turn Beauregard, forcing him to choose between attacking him or retreat to Fredericksburg. Union AI is yet garrisoning Harper’s Ferry, Alexandria and Washington, cancelling real hope for CSA to storm the Capital.


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Imho the first sentences of this post is summarizing rather well why AGEOD games since AACW haven’t been commercial successes.

Don’t listen to PBEMers. They are a small minority, ready to play a game 1or 2 turns a day, over several months. Others want to play a game in a few session. Boardgames have survived by emphacizing often the “playable in one evening” feature. Computer wargamers accepts to play a game in several sessions, but they prefer too end a game in a few days at best.

Sure, some are playing sevral games without going to the end. Yet they want to play several turns in one session, not one a day.

To play several turns on a computer, the best solutions are online play or AI. Online play hasn’t never been very popular on PC, and it will develop more on tablets for many reasons, the most important being online play is better suited with simple games, opponent turns being shorter.

AI. AI. AI is the crucial points. If 10 turs later, the AI is crushed, or just passive, interest is gone, excepted for the most commited to the game thema. If you’re a lover of Lacy wars, ROP will delight you. If not…


I’ve forgotten to take screenshots of the military operations of the first turn, so I’m jumping to the end of the second turn, late June 1918.

Siberian AI has conquered about all the Red cities on the Transsiberian and Ekaterineburg, in spite of my effort to bolster the garrison with the scattered units present in Ural

On the right bank of the Volga Czech and Komuch units are roaming in the void ,as very few Red units are ready to fight in the area at start. Hence the advantage to sign a Treaty with Germany allowing units formed at Smolensk and Novgorod to be released for the Volga front, or the Southern one. Your choice.

I will develop more later on the Fatal years rules ( NOT house rules, rules implemented in the game) governing Czech Legion and Komuch.

On the Southern Front, Denikin is making real progress. If Red units have a strong numerical advantage , they are deserved by their quality, very poor for many of them, and by their leader, Sorokin.

More info about Sorokin here:

Sorokin was a fully unreliable leader, disobeying orders, murdering another Red commander, organizing a putsch against local soviet and killed in the end by his own soldiers.

If Red player doesn’t remove sorokin by an option, each turn, a part of Red units in Kuban will be fixed, a simple way to portray disorganization. however, removing him will upset Stalin, who backed Sorokin, and Stalin may be fixed for 1 to 3 turns. Stalin is at start the only 3 stras General in the South, guarding Tzaritsyn. additionally, bickering between Stalin and the Red central command ( ie Trotsky) may cause loss of a few EP.

This option resumes one of the main basic of Fatal Years: a choice has both positive and negative effects, whose importance is randomized to avoid player to be certain his choice is the best. Frustrating? For number crunchers, yes. However, you’re really like the leaders of the RCW: what you undertake may not work, forcing you to reconsider your plan. Then, the game offers much more replayability as no choice may be qualified abstractly as the best possible.

So Stalin is defending Tzaritsyn. As him you must select the priority: Baku or Tzaritsyn?


For those interested…

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A first VERY beta version of Fatal Years 1.07 is now available in the box to the left.

Play it only if bugs doesn’t matter 😉

Much remains to do, for texts, AI tweaking and possible bugs. Once again, this first release isn’t the definitve version. It will just help me to get some betatest from others.

There’s no changelog ( no time). Manual is outdated in some parts, mainly for Siberian faction. I will update it when the event costs and results will have been written in stone. The blog has some descriptions for the new Siberian rules.



First, you should create a copy of your Revolution under Siege version 1.05 directory, so a copy will be left untouched by the mod, and the second modded.There are no side effects as having several copies of any AGEOD game based on the AGE engine ( BOA, WIA, NCP, AACW, ROP And RUS of course)

The modded copy should have as path C:\ Revolution under siege mod. This path will be the one used for installation. If you choose to apply the mod to the normal directory, or to give another name to the second RUS folder, you will have to enter the new path manually when prompted.


1) Unrar contents of the archive in the C:\ Revolution under siege mod\

2) Launch FY.exe

3) Follow the instructions ;-). When prompted click yes to all.

If the mod isn’t properly installed? That’s certainly because the path of your RUS folder isn’t the default one, C:\ Revolution under siege mod. The path could be C:\Program Files (x86)\Revolution under Siege  or C:\Program Files\Revolution under Siege.

It could be C:Revolution under Siege or D:\Revolution under Siege. In such a case, just enter the right path when prompted.

Important: there’s a movie showing step by step install of the mod here:

For support, you may send a email at:


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My opinion about DlCs is the same than expressed here:

For Baris

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Baris, I’ve tweaked the retreat parameters, something you asked for in the official forum. Look the result for the end of the first turn in Kuban 🙂