Posted: September 23, 2013 in Rus Mod

I’m currently writing the events for the new maintenance system; a very complex script BTW.

Each 3 months, elements of each main faction will be computed, and so determined a number of WSU and money necessary for maintenance. This cost will be paid 5 turns later ( between, an event will remind player 😉 ). If not paid, some elements will be killed.

This system is aiming at solving the current AGE weakness, where WSU and money are scarce at start but accumulate in mid game in large stockpile, because they are needed mainly for reation of units, and not that much for replenishment, for several reasons ( the main being units needing many WSU aren’t those being the most easily destroyed in combat).

AJE has a built in hard aintenance subsystem, unfortunately limited to money.

  1. Captain says:

    Hey Clovis, I remember somewhere you mentioned how to fix the WSU sales for money problem for the reds.
    I just finished a 3 player pbem gam where I had $8000 and noWSU for most of the game.
    Can you please direct me to the fix.

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