progress of the day

Posted: September 22, 2013 in Rus Mod

Nothing spectacular, as I involved myself in a general cleaning of the events files. FY is certainly among the AGE games containing the greatest number of events, and this overhaul is mandatory to avoid discrepancies and allow faster fixes in the future, if needed.

  1. Captain says:

    1. when you choose an option, say fight red corruption. After you chose it is it possible that this option is somehow blocked out? I never remember how many turns I have to wait to choose that option again as it appears available. his in effect let’s players waste the choices on options that present themselves but are not available.
    2. In y current 3 player PBEM game I am the reds I now have $7500 as a result o the program selling my war material each turn. This is plain stupid. Can you remove this option as it really distorts the red players game.

    • Clovis says:

      1) I will look at indeed.

      2) The next FY will remove this events. They will be replaced by a maintenance system: each 3 months, an event will compute your number of elements and force you the 5 next turns to pay some WSU ( and maybe money if needed) for maintenance. If player can’t pay the WSU price, some artillery, armored cars, tanks, armored trains and cavalry will be killed.

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