AI agents: the experiment continues

Posted: September 22, 2013 in Rus Mod

I’m adding AI agents ( see AGe wiki for more info) on some naval leaders, Like Norris in the Caspian Sea.

SelectFaction = $WHI
SelectRegion = $South Caspian Sea

StartEvent = evt_nam_Renforts_WH3_CptNorrisSquadron|1|1|NULL|NULL|$South Caspian Sea|NULL


FixedDate = 1918/09/20
EvalEvent = evt_nam_Allied_involment_level;>=;8


DescEvent = evt_desc_Renforts_WH3_CptNorrisSquadron

SelectFaction = $WHI
SelectRegion = $South Caspian Sea

Posture = $Defensive
SetKind = $Nav
Entranch = 0
FixType = 0
SetName = Captain Norris Naval Force
SetType = $uni_GBR_Norris1
FlavorName = Caspian Sqd
SetName = Norris
SetType = $uni_GBR_GB1
NumCreate = 2
SUFlavorName = 1st Caspian Gunboat|2nd Caspian Gunboat|
SetName = 1st Caspian Sea Squadron
SetType = $uni_GBR_GB1
NumCreate = 2
SUFlavorName = 3rd Caspian Gunboat|4th Caspian Gunboat|
SetName = 2nd Caspian Sea Squadron

AI.AddLeaderAgent = $aiaMainFleet;$ldr_GBR_Norris1;$South Caspian Sea;$South East Caspian Sea;$Azerbaidjan Coast;$Gulf of Karabogaz;$West Caspian Sea;$Central Caspian Sea;$North West Caspian Sea;$Mouth of the Volga;$Cap of Karagan;$Gulf of Gurjev;


Until now, AI agents have been used in AGE, mostly as a stopgap measure, for example to prevent Numidians to leave Africa. Interestingly ACW2 doesn’t seem to use this feature ( either because it’s bugged, or useless, or by ignorance). Using as testbed small maritime area should inform about the real potential of this command.

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