A new icon for French intervention in Ukraine.

Posted: September 19, 2013 in Rus Mod

Nothing new, as this feature has been implemented in current FY version, but the icon ( a French flag at Odessa) will display this explanation on map:

“French and Greek troops in Ukraine are part of a minor faction ruled by AI. Indeed, French units never cooperated well with Whites, as the French agenda never filled fully with Whites one. France was leading a confuse strategy, searching to save part of the French investments in Ukraine. Moreover, French troops, tired of war, displayed quickly a very poor morale, and offered only token resistance when Grigoriev began its offensive. Dissillusioned about Whites, fearing a collapse by morale, and by any means realizing soon the expeditionary Corps was undersized for the task, France government agreed quickly the best option was to leave Russia. In Fatal Years, French NM will often lower , forcing retirement. However, if the Allied Intervention level reaches 13, French and Greek units will become controlled by Southern Whites, such a level signifying a strong commitment of France against Bolshevism allowing French troops to participate fully in the war by siding with Whites.”

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