New icon for Allied supply

Posted: September 18, 2013 in Rus Mod

I’ve found it would be more incentive to look for players to have a distinct icons for Foreign supply.


  1. Narwhal says:

    This is neat.

    One of my few gripes with the previous FY was the number of “new features” that were not very easy to see / understand / follow because they could been “explained” to the player by other ways then dummy decisions [control of the railway] or through episodic messages. This new system should alleviate the issue a lot.

    • Clovis says:

      I plan to add as much as possible in the future. It takes time, as anything in AGE engine, given the numer of parameters and the lack of any Scripting Tools, and in some way, is a pure novelty, as I don’t remember any use of the map icons to display rules. Maybe it has been done however, but as often, it has taken some months before my poor brain acieves to form this idea.

      BTW, I don’t know how much time AGEOD will survive, but considering the time needed to create any scenario, even small, in AGE, with the current lack of any Scripting Tools, the time needed for creation of a game is too long for the limited ressources of the computer wargames companies. Rather than a new GUI, the speeding of game engineering should have been the main goal.

  2. Dick says:

    Agreed. This is a good improvement.

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