Transbaikal front at start

Posted: September 15, 2013 in Rus Mod


Of course, the setup is yet under work.

  1. Clovis says:

    And to add the touch of chrome: 2 events for the appearence and the withdrawal of the Japanese Volunteer Battalion:

    SelectFaction = $WH3
    SelectRegion = $Chita

    StartEvent = evt_nam_formation_Japanese_volunteers_Semenov|1|2|evt_nam_formation_Japanese_volunteers_Semenov|japanesetroops|$Chita|NULL


    MinDate = 1918/07/01
    MaxDate = 1918/07/31


    SelMostNumGroup = Area $EventArea_Japanese_Volunteer;RestrictToThisTag

    SetType = $uni_JAP_Rgt_Semenov
    SUFlavorName = Japanese Volunteers Btn
    SetName = Japanese Volunteers Btn


    NULL ==========================================================================

    SelectFaction = $WH3
    SelectRegion = $Chita

    StartEvent = evt_nam_Removal_Japanese_volunteers_Semenov|1|2|evt_nam_Removal_Japanese_volunteers_Semenov|japanesetroops|$Chita|NULL


    MinDate = 1918/08/01
    MaxDate = 1918/09/31
    Probability = 75


    RemoveUnqUnit = Japanese Volunteers Btn


  2. Krot says:

    The sources I read on OMO activities state unanimously that Japanese battalion operated with main OMO forces after its arrival in middle May 1918. Semenov wrote in his memoirs that this battalion saved OMO in the border battles in July 1918 after the crisis caused by armored trains divizion ‘desertion’ (retreat to Harbin without order).

    • Clovis says:

      I’ writing an event about this desertion. About Japanese battalion, my only source explains the battalion was formed in June and entered fight in July. I will go back to the initial presence of this unit in the startup.

  3. Krot says:

    I think that Bisher’s data on Japanese battalion is most reliable as it is based on British intelligence reports which were rather precise in details. Old imperialists were keen on monitoring young Japanese imperialism activities.
    Both Reds and Semenov were eager to overestimate Japanese help to OMO due to different reasons.

    • Clovis says:

      The situation was by any means so confuse the real dates are certainly buried forever in the realm of shadows. I trust your more than mine, and this solution is the simpler of both 🙂

  4. Krot says:

    BTW couple years ago I posted on Ageod forum the link to period pictures made for Japanese public which show Japanese intervention in Russian Far East in rather surrealistic way:

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