Perm/Ekaterinburg railroad (2)

Posted: September 11, 2013 in Rus Mod

I’ve tweaked this line tonight.


I’ve too understood how to remove pink pixels, a good news.

  1. Orel says:

    Sorry to bother, I was in a bit of a time knot(still am, but I have an hour or two to spare right now): would you mind also extending the railroad from Nizhniy Tagil to Nadezhninsk?

    Zheleznyak insisted on this, and said that along this road the Reds retreated in the summer of 1918.

    • Clovis says:

      Sure but this line is on one the most remote edge of the game map, having no real value. Adding a rail line here to allow Bolsheviks to retreat on rail rather than on foot to the map edge before crossing the Urals or die in the Taïga would take time. Frankly, this line will (maybe) be used once in the game. Not worth the fort, or the risk to add less good looking rail gfx.

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