Naval Mines in the next Fatal Years release

Posted: September 8, 2013 in Rus Mod


The trial and improve process for Naval mines has taken more time than I expected, But I think I’ve achieved yesterday to shape a rather nice system.

The new system is yet based on the build of naval mine units, in ports ( on the Dvina, Kama, Volga and Petrograd for now). These units are moved almost as soon as created, by events into the closest fluvial region . The naval mines will create cohesion losses and a few hits to enemy naval units.





Supplementary tweaks are needed. Mine availability will be rare, to avoid gamey use, the stats will certainly need adjustments. Mines will be easily visible by enemy, it’s a deliberate decision. Remember the scale of FY is Strategical/Grand Operational, not tactical. The presence of mines on the former level isn’t unknown, at least after the first explosion. Mines will cause mainly cohesion losses, as the main effect was slowing enemy and disrupting battle stance.


The creation of a large minefield at Petrograd should deter to send a fleet bombarding Petrograd, adding a protection to the Kronstadt basis.

  1. Clovis says:

    I’m just shameful to have forgotten to thank once gain Krot for his historical researches about this part.

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