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Posted: August 27, 2013 in Rus Mod


  1. Orel says:

    Hello Clovis,

    My name on Ageod Forums is Orel, and I along with a couple of other volunteers am working on a new railroad map for RUS. Our changes are supposed to be implemented in the RUS Gold Version that will be coming out soon. We are capable of making changes in where the files: but we lack the graphics part to it.

    Seeing that you are working on including historical railroads for RUS, I am interested in whether we could be helpful to one another. I am a native Russian speaker, so I can have access to information in Russian about this war and can be helpful to you in that case as well, since as I have noticed very frequently English sources on the RCW and pre-revolutionary period are absolutely incorrect in certain cases.


    • Clovis says:

      Hi Orel,

      Glad to see you here.

      I’m monitoring your thread on about railroads, to verify rightness of my English sources. I’m using Google translation, that says a lot 😉 and I would need indeed some enlightmemt as the translation is worse than very poor.

      I may send you my gfx files if you want and share my sources. Not the state of the art, but better than nothing.


      • Orel says:

        Sure, please send the gfx files. If possible could I ask you to also make some?

        We currently have modified the railroads on the North-Caucasus, Don basin amd Kharkov-Kursk area. We are planning to revise the Volga area and the Kursk-Orel area. I can send you a list of the railroads to draw on the map, though since you were on you probably know the approximate plans of these.

        Towards the Siberian railroads you are currently working on: I remember reading somewhere about a month ago about a railroad leading to Semipalatinsk, so your current map is probably right.

      • Clovis says:

        I’m not trying for the moment to add ALL possible railways, first because it takes a lot of time, then because I want to be sure the AI to be able to reamin safe from new additions. By example, the railway through Maïkop isn’t done for now, as I don’t think it has a real interest for the general depiction of RCW in the Kuban. I’m too on the fence for the Kharkov-Kursk area, because I’m not sure the lines were all serviceable after 1918, because of destruction of the WW1: just an interrogation, as I’ve no info about, and I hope you mauy confirm me they could be used after WW1.

        That is the bad news. The good is I will certainly add more and more lines in the and deliver to you, even with delay.

        About Semipalatinsk, my decision was done once I read both your own reaserches and the 2 Osprey books about RCW armored units, as they display generally accurate informations.

  2. Orel says:

    Generally speaking, the ones we have recently added often were mentioned in autobiographies of White officers or had an effect in RCW operations. Of course, that does not mean that only those railroads that had an extraordinary effect in the real RCW should be in the game, yet the fact that a certain railroad made a decisive effect should be recognized.

    The lines that we have added in the Kharkov-Kursk were almost for sure serviceable: since I encountered them while reading autobiographies and historic materials on regiments. While researching them, I was even startled at the fact that they depicted where each Southern White regiment conducting its operations. There was no destruction there, since the WWI frontline never passed through there.

    The Tuapse-Maikop-Armavir railroad was of huge importance: exactly via it the Red Taman army retreated in 1918, to unite with the army of Sorokin. I have it ready, and am interested in sharing it with you(if the new regions files from the Gold beta fit in with the old RUS, which I think is likely).

    • Clovis says:

      Hi Orel,

      You have convinced me on Maikop.

      For many reasons, the first being copyright, I will ot use or even ask or receive any file belonging to RUS Gold, except if I buy it one day. BTW, changing type of transport in the régions files is the most easy thing to do.

      I will need howver much more questions about your different proposals as Google translation could be more rightly defined as a random Creator of new langages for illuminati :-).

      I will give you this weekend my first files.


      • Orel says:

        The part that is supposed to be RUS Gold, is the work of independent volunteers, many of which are fans of Fatal Years. I doubt anyone will have anything against me for giving these improvements not only for the purpose of using RUS Gold but also for the use in Fatal Years. If this is a concern, I could probably ask the head of the RUS Gold project about this, if of course that would change your mind.

        Specifically the railroads that are needed(already complete in database, but we need graphics for these):

        North Caucasus area(in Russian, but the areas should be recognizable I hope, I will add these just in case):

        (Armavir-Maikop-Goriachiy Kluch-Tuapse-Sochi)


        Kharkov-Kursk area(Only the railroads coloured in yellow, disregard the blue):

        Don Basin area(added a railroad from Lugansk to Mariupol, and destroyed the old railroad between Kharkov and Lugansk: it now goes the historic way, plus added the railroad from Lugansk to Kupiansk).
        ( I’ve taken the liberty to delete this link, as your image is surrounded by VERY inappropriate ads, not from your will, neither mine either)

        We are working on Perm, and I hope in the next week to complete the area between Orel and Kursk(mostly this is a continuation of railroads from the Kharkov-Kursk area).

      • Clovis says:

        I’ve achieved the Semiplatinsk railway and found another source confirming its existence before the RCW.

        No worries about our collaboration. That I don’t want to get myself some possible files of RUS Gold doesn’t imply I will not work with you, and not even I will forbid their use in any commercial version. The probability is anyway very small, as my gfx are very crude and the AGEOD policy has never been until now to use modded files in their official releases without the consent of the author. If ever the so-called RUS developpers would innovate in this field, it would just confirm me how much I’m right in the appraisal of these people, but it wouldn’t create in me any other trouble. in RL, my wages are very confortable and the mere fact is I need to get new railroads for FY. That’s why I’m currently struggling in Photoshop Elements ;-). If it’s helping others like you in your own modding project, it would be just stupid to keep this work only for me. The value of FY is elsewhere than in a few poor gfx mods ;-). Those using modded files for a commercial products and accumalating forum nickname like old Soviet Marshalls décorations on their chests wouldn’t be so much admired by me, but I’m yet considering 0+0 = 0 🙂


      • Clovis says:

        I’ve currently done:

        North Caucasus ( yet a few gfx fixes to do)
        Pskov/Yamburg ( this one since many months

        I agree with all your proposals about Don basin I will work soon.

        For the Kharkov/Kursk area, it will depend mostly from my ability to draw long lines without badly looking results. If I can’t I will be forced to simplify a bit. However, there are mostly straight lines, easier to copy and paste, so I should maybe come close to acceptable results 🙂


  3. Orel says:

    With the Kharkov-Kursk area please do not do it yet. I just realized that the map needs greater revision than I thought,in the Northern part.

    North Caucasus looks great:).

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