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I’ going to introduce naval miss on the Dvina and Petrograd. Dunno if Reds used naval mines on the Volga or other locations. Any hints?

  1. Krot says:

    According to the “Civil war. Military actions in the seas, river and lake systems” published in 1926 by history department of Red Fleet staff:

    The Reds occasiionally used naval mines in 1918 on the middlle Volga, Kama and Belaya rivers with some results. 7 October 1918 white gunboat “Troud” (“Labour” in Russian) was destroyed by Red mine on the Kama near Lodeiny Gorn.

    The Whites extensively used mines to slow down the Reds advance to Perm along the Kama in May-July 1919. The Reds had to form in Kazan special minesweepers divizion to cope with White minefields.

    The Reds effectively used mines in the Volga mouth to defend Astrakhan against naval raids of Caspian Russo-British naval forces. The Whites tried to defend their bridgehead on Lagan island using armed vessels with low mean draught and lost gunboats “Arag” and “Nadezhda” due to Red mines in September-October 1919. 31 March 1920 the Whites lost gunboat “Prince Pozharskii”.
    The Whites tried to mine Astrakhan fairway but failed because of sabotage. NCO who had discharged the mines was discovered and executed by White counter-intelligence service.

    The Whites set some “large” minefields around Tsaritzyn to defend against Red flotilla in September-October 1919.

    Soviet Dnieper flotilla set mines in the Pripyat river mouth in May 1920 but Poles swept the mines with hand-towed river barges.

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