Guerilla in the Fatal Years version

Posted: August 24, 2013 in Rus Mod

After a few tries, I’ve at last found the system I desired for Partisan units.

Representing guerilla is a tricky task, and my goal is to try to describe as much as possible some of the specificities of this form of warfare.

First the good news: each faction will get each turn 5 Guerrilla Regional Decision for free. No cost .

Now the good news have ended, let’s talk of the constraints 😉

Guerilla units will appear only in regions where your Loyalty is above 40. Of course, in reality, we should be at 65 level, but that level is really difficult to obtain in RUS/FY, so i’ve prefered to lower slighty the requirement without leaving out the first condition: to create a guerilla you need the support of the civilians. Moreover, even with 40 or more loyalty, the chances to create a guerilla unit are only 50 %.

The unit created is a cell, ie an unit generating other units the following turns. It represents the area controlled by the guerilla, turned into its strongpoint. This unit has high defensive ratings and A LOW HIDE level. The guerilla strongpoints are known by all, especially the enemy. Identifying them is easy, stamping out them is requiring large military operations.

The cell has a very low movement allowance. Guerilla units were made of civilians fighting among their relatives, close to their home and families. They weren’t prone to venture beyond their region, where they had, beyond their interests, the advantage to know well the terrain.

The units created by the cell are on the contrary military weak and with a high hide values. They represent the small bands harassing communications, isolated posts or rear depots. Poorly equipped, small, they are a nuisance. They will reinforce slighty your loyalty in the regions they occupy. So you could get more possibilities to create new cells, generating more units… For the rest, read Mao 🙂

These units will disappear as soon the cell parent is destroyed. So the best option to fight a guerilla is to attack the heart of the rebellion.

The best : if you’re confronted to a guerrilla, you will maybe use another new regional decision If it works: counter guerilla 😉

  1. Clovis says:

    Of course, it’s a feature of the next version.

    I’ve forgotten one more detail: the regional decision will be playable only in rĂ©gions whose main City isn’t controlled by you, to prevent abuse.

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