Other minor changes for the next FY version that aren’t so minor

Posted: August 23, 2013 in Rus Mod

First a 2 lines change , but creating huge consequences: 3 star Generals will have now only half of CP, ie 24 rather than 48. The max CP is too lowered to 24.

Next, the probability of MTSG ( March to the Sound of Guns) has been slighty reduced. Leaders with good ratings will have a better chance to allow MTSG.

Why? First because it’s a way to cure the megastack problem and loopsided battle results between a big stack and a much smaller. Secondly, because at last leaders in excess in White factions will get a chance to play a role. Thirdly because Reds will be at start less favoured on this, reflecting accurately their difficulties to manage efficiently large formations.

Last, these 2 modifications will raise for all sides coordination troubles. RCW was fought with modern weapons, but communications and C3i were just terrible. Battles will get more of this flavour.

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