What’s next?

Posted: August 17, 2013 in Rus Mod

The next FY version will overhaul a bit the starting situation of the Great Campaign. I can’t by lack of time describe in depth what I’ve decided, but here’s a few clues:

– some groups will become independent of the Whites at start: Terek Cossacks, Bashkirs, Dutov Cossacks. They will eventually join the Whites Under certain conditions. This modification will solve the recurrent problem caused in Caucasus by the presence of a large Southern Whites army around Grozni from the start, and the unhistorical superiority of Siberian Whites on the Volga.
– more armored cars for Reds. They had around 47 detachments. Reducing by half this number for accounting maintenance, use of armored cars in police and requisitions operations, should allow to get a better portrayal of the Red Army at start.
– I’ve maybe found a way to cancel all cooperation between Komuch and PSG at start ( Provisional Siberian Government at Omsk). It will let Komuch face its destiny 🙂 or not, if player may force a better outcomes with the political rules of FY 1.85.
And so on…

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