Adding a bit of player control over supply distribution

Posted: August 16, 2013 in Rus Mod

The automated and “Under the Hood” supply system in RUS has as major drawback to be almost beyond player control, no real way to prioritize one area existing.

Adding micromanagement by developing supply units, especially railroad trains, may seem to be satisfying, but it adds :

– a burden over player
– a challenge for the AI, which will never be as smart than human brain for this.

Finding another solution is tricky as there’s no script command for selecting all depots owned by a faction in a given area. All commands are uncomplete in this regards and creates a risk to improve a depot in enemy hands.

I’ve maybe found a solution tonight. By using the AddGarrison command, I could create in one area a supply unit on each depot containing the number of supply elements to increase the depot size. These units will be removed 2 turns after their entry in play ( avoiding gamey tactics) and would be fixed, their only use being the increase of the depot size. The more levels for a depot, the more it will ask for supply. I hope it will work.And it remains the question of the removal of the priority… 🙂

I’ve maybe found an easier solution 🙂But this one will remain my little secret for now…

Moreover, each faction will get too a few ” supply trains” to emergency situation. It will avoid frustration without being too much unbalancing for the AI.

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