General supply in the next FY version (1.09)

Posted: August 14, 2013 in Rus Mod

We know:


– there’s too much general supply in RUS, allowing any army of any size to be rather well feeded on any point of the map, because not only the production level is high, but the movement allowance of the hidden supply convoys is too fast, considering the breakdown of railroad network in RL.

– the supply is generated without any consideration to the economical geography of the period.


So, the first change will be a considerable reduction of the movement allowance of the hidden supply convoys. There will be areas where general supply will be scarce because they produce almost nothing, others where armies will get from the neighbouring resources their needed rations.


The second will be a drastic reduction of the possibility to create new depots. It will be more than costly and very long ( 4 months).

Then, the General supply generation must be rebuilt from scratch. Depots and cities will not produce anymore many supply ” chits” ( they will yet produce a few mainly to avoid some possible side effects, especially for AI ).General supplies will come from new structures, whose icons will be present on the maps. these structures will be placed according to the geographical reality.

It’s not a statistician work, but the translation of the situation in the most simple and understandable game rules. After a few ruminations, the system is based on:

– halving the total of supply chits generated each turn to around 5,500

– creating structures generating each 60 general supply chits each turn, in corresponding proportion to the sown fields superficy of each areas ( see the precedent post for figures).

-these structures will be located in cities, because the AI has a low interest for remote agricultural regions and because cities were the collecting points of harvest. If an area hasn’t the required number of cities proportionally to its share of production, structures will be implemented too in regions with railroad, for AI sake once again.

– Siberia production will appear at Omsk and will be randomized under certain conditions ( Semenov activity, corruption, operability of the Transsiberian)

– minors, like Baltic States, Poland, Finland will have general supply too, of course, at moderate levels, excepted for Poland, sufficient to sustain small armies, without allowing very large concentration.

– Vladivostock and Murmansk will get each a 30 chit structure, which portrays the Allied supply.

So, the Northern theater should become scarce in resources, discouraging formation of large armies here. Baltic States should be proficient only for small armies or need a bit more of Allied supply, like in the Yudenich episode ( adding by event a structure representing this Allied help is easy to implement).

On the contrary, Armies should be more comfortable on the Volga bend, in greater number, as production will come from the neighbouring cities. General supply production of course. Ammo is another story, for a next day 🙂

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