Hello world!

Posted: August 10, 2013 in Uncategorized

Hello world!I will be back soon.

  1. biscan says:

    Good to see you back!

    (I’m Keke from the Matrix forum)

    • Clovis says:


      Glad to hear you 😉

      BTW, there’s a small bug in WW1 gold in the WarPlanTurnRules at the line 863:

      863 RUS_WPO_VolunteersAndMunitions TR_AddPoliticalEffect 1 1 TP_WarPlans RUS PE_AffectRecruitPoints,PO_None,1,1,0,{12},FRA

      is giving France 12 RPs when playing the RUS option Volunteers and Munitions.

      To fix it, replace by this:

      863 RUS_WPO_VolunteersAndMunitions TR_AddPoliticalEffect 1 1 TP_WarPlans RUS PE_AffectRecruitPoints,PO_None,1,1,0,{12},RUS

      • Captain says:

        Speaking of WW1 Gold I was so keen to buy this when it first came out but given the disaster avoided it. So my question is given all the patches and revamps is this a good game or not?
        Second question is it full of bugs o not?

      • Clovis says:

        The game runs without much trouble. In 20 hours of gaming, I suffered two bugs, one CTD , the second being a sort of graphical glitch. Just save regularly. I strongly advise to integrate the mod made by Jmass and Random, the latter being both a connoisseur of the conflict and the engine.

        You should too modify the Heavy artillery moveent allowance from 2 to 3, as the AI doesn’t really know to split stacks and let whole armies hopelessly crawling in the rear during the first months of the GC, during the movent doctrine period.

        Now, WW1 Gold remains a rather uneasy game to play. The GUI has its deflects, the rules are very complex and the big manual is sometimes describing more the boardgame than the computer game, as rules have been adapted here and there.

        Once you have reconcialiated yourself with the idea you must accept to endure 15 hours of frustration by trying to understand how the game works, it’s the best WW1 simulation on screen, and certainly on par with the best boardgames.

  2. Captain says:

    btw Clovis good to see you back. We just started a 3 player PBEM game of RUS 1,85 so will keep you posted of any hiccups.

  3. baris says:

    “Hello world! ”

    Hello 🙂

    Welcome back. !!

  4. Mike says:

    It’s a great pleasure to welcome your return.

    Thanks also for the WW1 Gold info – WW1 has intrigued me for a while and I looked through the manual with interest but the demo didn’t fly on my old machine about 2 years ago. Your info is welcome in encouraging a go at the game.

    • Clovis says:

      Hi, Mike,

      Beware, WW1 gold remain a ” love it or trash it” game. You have really to spend many hours of frustration, even with the smaller scens, before understanding the engine.

      I’m playing it in the Turn by Turn mode rather than the WEGO one. I don’t use the army by army option of the TBS, as AI seems rather poor with this setting. About AI, I suggest to remove FOW for it. I’ve experienced a few changes for Schlieffen plan AI, but it’s yet a so quick and dirty mod I will not share it.

  5. Dick says:

    Welcome back! 😀

  6. Krot says:

    Hello Clovis. Nice to see you in this world.

  7. Alex says:

    A belated welcome back!

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