New railway for FY

Posted: December 9, 2012 in Rus Mod

This one was severely lacking for a complete depiction of Yudenich offensive, as stated here and by a few other sources


new line

  1. Alexey Svargov says:

    I want to draw attention to the fact that the characteristics of armored trains (rusian abbreviation “bepo” – reduction for word [bronepoezd]) in the game are displayed accurately.

    Light trains used to assault problems, they had field guns (two 76-mm guns) and fairly powerful armor, fire point-blank.

    Heavy armored train armed with powerful guns (107-mm, 122-mm, 152-mm, 203-mm), but almost did not have armor, firing from the closed position, and could not withstand a direct fire. Used to attack fortifications, railway stations and trains to support the assault

    Heavy armored train in the game has more fire power, and better armor, and the best assault skills.
    It is contrary to the specifications “bepo” and unhistorical.

    with gratitude for the great work and best regards!

  2. […] to this comment made by Alexey here, I’ve done a few researches abouT armored Trains, and I’ve decided indeed to modify in […]

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