Struggle in a new direction

Posted: November 17, 2012 in AACW Mod
Since a few weeks, when I was working on SVF 2.0 I mourned the impossibility to use Options and Regional decisions. AACW is  now a real old lady, and the new AJE engine, when properly used, has the beauty of the youth.
So SVF 2.0 is taking a new path:
It’s indeed very ugly, the remaining work is tremendous, but that’s the first screen of AACW running under AJE 1.01….
Don’t expect a release at best before January 2013. If ever, as I’m not yet certain something will not prove the impossibility of this adaptation. I’m going into a land remaining largely unknown to me.
Some points explaining why I’ve decided to announce very early my work:
– SVF 2.0 will work only with AJE 1.01 , the offcial version released yesterday. I WILL NOT adapt SVF to new AJE version. I’m tired of the endless string of provisional patches by AGEOD. If th experience with SVF works, FY could possibly follow. The official 1.01 version of AJE is largely sufficient for my needs, I will avoid to change many settings with each new versions, whose a part in delivering new bugs. Stability is the key, not perfection.
– you will need both AJE and AACW game to play SVF 2.0. For legitimate copyright reasons, the installation process will need A full AJE copy and a full AACW one. Don’t feel forced to buy AJE today ;-), as I’m not sure to succeed. But, downloading the current AJE  and AACW patches would be a nice idea.
– I will certainly need some help for gfx. If interested 🙂
SVF 2.0 is back. Say me good luck.
  1. berto says:

    Wow!! I’m in, totally in.

    Although I’m no artist, I have done (and publicly posted) graphics mods for other games before. I have the tools and techniques, so I can help there too.

    Okay, I’ll say it: Good luck!

  2. Dick says:

    That sounds like a very ambitious plan! Good luck, I’m sure you’ll need it. 🙂

  3. Alex says:

    Clovis, you’re one awesome modder

    • Clovis says:

      If circuimstances allow it, the first version should be ready around Xmas, at worst in January. I need 15 days to adapt gfx on map to the AJE standard ( I prefer going this way as it’s possible some GUI features to be hardcoded), 15 days to adapt regions, weathers, units and models to AJE standard( it currently works with AACW data, But here too the choice of updating the data to the current AJE standard will hinder any possible glitch surfacing later). Then I need yet another 15 days time span to write events, options and regional decisions to replace the AACW options, that have been written at a time where most settings were hardcoded.

      The first release will keep parts of the gfx of AJE ( I will change them only if the project is succesful) and will certainly lacks much of what could be done with options and rgds, like better simulation of political strife, the 1864 election, the diplomacy with France, Great Britain, Russia.

  4. wathne says:

    Sounds very interesting Dr. C! Looking forward to follow the development.
    Gods Speed,

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