An example of the remaining errors in the AACW legacy patch

Posted: November 6, 2012 in AACW Mod

This line has 3 errors:

GHQInfos = USA|Army of the Potomac|badge_USA_ArmyP.png|$Prince George’s, MD|USA|Army of the Tennessee|badge_USA_ArmyT.png|$Sumner, TN|USA|Army of the James|badge_USA_ArmyJ.png|$James City, VA|USA|Army of the Cumberland|badge_USA_ArmyC.png|$Nashville, TN|USA|Army of the West|badge_USA_ArmyW.png|$Rolla, Mo|USA|Army of the Ohio|badge_USA_ArmyO.png|$Franklin, OH|USA|Union Army|badge_USA_Army.png|$Prince George’s, MD|USA|Northeastern Virginia Army|badge_USA_Army.png|$Harper’s Ferry, WV|USA|Western Command|badge_USA_Army.png|$Saint Louis, MO|USA|W.Virginia Command|badge_USA_Army.png|$Hancock, WV|USA|Army of Virginia|badge_USA_Army.png|$Norfolk, VA|USA|Mississippi Command|badge_USA_Army.png|$Memphis, TN|USA|Army of the South West|badge_USA_Army.png|$Arkansas, AR|USA|Kentucky Department|badge_USA_Army.png|$Lexington, KY|MEX|Ejercito de Mexico|badge_MEX_Army.png|$Mexico
These errors aren’t important to the point to hinder play, or cause CTDs. They exist however. They aren’t the only ones. Others are affecting some events.



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