SVF 2.0 and official 1.17 AACW: the start

Posted: November 4, 2012 in AACW Mod, Rus Mod

Today has been devoted to find why SVF 2.0 crashed at start with the so-called legacy 1.17 patch. I’ve finally solved this tonight, after several tests; in fact, the 1.17 version doesn’t accept anymore in unit files a theater area as Altarea parameter… Pretty tricky to find 🙂

No more news as it has been rather time consuming. However, this point sparks the problem when you mod with AGE: the constant changes are for some part unheralded and if you have modded model and unit files, you’re often confronted to CTDs with the newer versions that don’t accept anymore what was possible.


BTW, a RC3 FY 1.08 will be released soon, as I’ve forgotten to include Berto’s weather mod, that is excellent. RC3 will be compatible with games started before the release.

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