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Posted: October 29, 2012 in AACW Mod, Rus Mod

I’ve worked today on FY 1.08, fixing a few messages. I’ve mainly done some tweaking on the gamelogic setting files for retreat and battles. Not yet sure of the results. The Siberian AI will receive too some minor fixing. The new “hard AI” is doing some actions better and other worse, especially in the first turns in Far East.

Finland: there’s a very interesting post on the Another official website:

even if I’m disagreeing with the very end, the in game conclusions. There’s a large difference between history lessons and game lessons. History lessons are always marred by the impossibility to test alternative outcomes, the “what-ifs”. Between determinism and other schools of thinking emphasizing more ability to change results, debate is raging since…the beginning and will never cease.

A game, by nature, is a what-if. As soon the first turn is resolved the situation will not be exactly the historical one. Even if the game is a perfect simulation, a game isn’t bound to history. Of course, all the design is tied to the delimitation of the plausible outcome. And this delimitation is a subjective choice, of course. However, there are several other factors that can’t be forgotten.

Let’s take the Finland example:  what if Bolsheviks had been weaker in 1920? Would Finland have left untouched the possibility to grab Karelia? What if Mannerheim side would have won the elections in 1919? Are we bound to consider poll results in 1919 unavoidable? What if France and Great Britain had committed themselves more in Baltic area?

Finland evolution during these years was partially depending on the overall situation. Deciding to disallow Finns to enter war after the 1919 election is to my taste a bit too deterministic, that’s why I prefer to reduce the chances of a full-scale war after.

Then a game isn’t destined to place us in the same place than a historian, ie on a neutral point of view. Players are acting like the side they have chosen to play and design must concentrate on this. In a RCW, I would say it’s much less important for historicity to determine what Finland could have done than portray WHite and Red hopes and fears about a possible Finnish intervention. The key point in RCW is showing both White dilemma about and frightening for Reds. You can’t do that if Finland can’t enter the game after a certain date.

Now, what’s lacking in FY, that has an event for Karelia in 1919 and full-scale Finnish intervention, is the negotiations between Russian factions and minorities on a more systemic manner, something I plan for 1.09 version. 🙂


SVF 2.0: I should begin tomorrow the SVF 2.0 adaptation to the last AACW version , published a few days ago with the new official exe. Berto, you may follow your current game, as I think a few days will be mandatory to check myself how the AI performs with the new official exe.

  1. Charles says:

    Have you considered making coastal and heavy artillery faster to move via river movement? If there isn’t a RR, it’s very hard to move them….. but I’m thinking that coastal artillery and heavy artillery should be able to be moved on river ships reasonably fast.

    • Clovis says:

      Sure. There’s abit of work about naval stuff in SVF 2.0 I will undertake when I will have ported SVF to the very latest offcial version.

      BTW, to reply on your question posted in another Forum, after 1862, the game will continue? but i’ve not yet modded a few things like the Emancipation declaration and 1864 elections. Then the balance is an unknown territory. SVF 2.0 is yet a work in progress, even if very promising. With the new version of RUS and AACW, my planning has taken a few days delay, as i strive to adapt FY and SVF to the new versions, but I ‘m rather obstinate 🙂

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