Fatal Years AI new features for the next 1.08 version

Posted: October 27, 2012 in Rus Mod

It has been a v ery long time I have not improved a bit the Fatal Years AI. The next version will feature the beginning of a fluvial AI, thanks to my work on SVF 2.0 ( for the Volga/Kama area only) and the first use of the AI Agents ( see my precedent posts on this blog). AJE 1.01 hasn’t changed the AI, excepted they tried to cancel the Pontus AI inclination to invade Sicilia, and they get now Pontus AI visiting Tunisia).


My first try is very limited, as I will evaluate this new feature I consider with very mixed feelings. 2 agents have been created for the naval commanders of French fleet in Black Sea and English one in Baltic Sea, to force them to keep on area and patrol some key locations.


Among the other changes, the Kronstadt revolt conditions have been restricted. This is WIP, as I’ve yet to think twice about.

  1. Clovis says:

    BTW, the Von Pannwitz portrait used to display Don Cossack leader Ivanov has been deleted. I’ve a photo of Ivanov, but I’m yet unable to draw the correct portrait…

  2. Dick says:

    This sounds very promising and is something that should be seen a lot more often in wargames. Nothing ruins immersion as badly as seeing the AI do a totally senseless or unhistorical move with its armies. It’s not so easy to make the AI see the situation even remotely like a human player, but it’s definitely something that should be attempted, if we want to have ever more realistic and challenging strategy games.

    Most people play wargames only against the computer and never even try PBEM or something similar. True multiplayer games and board games are obviously a different matter. So having challenging AI opponents should be top priority for all wargame designers.

    • Clovis says:

      Sadly, some computer wargames with excellent AIs aren’t commercial successes (Panthers games and Hannibal being 2 examples). On the contrary, some games with lame AIs are. Purchases are decided on gfx,historical period, scale and more and more buzz.

      Now, the quality of AI has long term effects: a poor AI is one of the best way to shelve the game after a few tries. It’s an insidious and corrosive effect that is always underestimated by some devs.

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