Don Cossacks and Volunteer Army in Fatal Years

Posted: October 26, 2012 in Rus Mod

I ‘m yet following the Southern White AAR here:


As it seems rules about Don Cossacks are a bit obscure, and rather to reply on this forum, I prefer to explain right here these rules introduced in the 1.07.

It’s no secret relations between Cossacks and Volunteer Army weren’t excellent during the RCW, both sides mistrusting the other. Whites were reluctant about any form of Cossack autonomy or independence, that was the main objective of Krasnov. Let’s add Krasnov was gravitating toward Germany, when Denikin and other White Generals were strongly pro-allied ( even if Alexieev inclined himself toward a more pragmatic approach of the question before his death.

In June 1918, there were really 2 Armies, one formed by the Don Cossacks, the other being the Volunteer one, adding to its core Kuban Cossacks ( another can of worms to discuss 🙂 ). Until the removal of Krasnov the unity of command wasn’t reached, and even later, the dissension persisted in the background. Krasnov retired because Don Cossacks were weakened by defeats against Bolsheviks, by the pressure of Allied who hadn’t forgotten the Pro-German orientation the Ataman displayed.

How to simulate that?

The official version solution isn’t working historically. After Krasnov retirement, Don Cossacks went to Ukraine and even if morale was low, they fought here during the May-October 19 period that was a period of White success. The same penalty can’t be applied for the whole period if History matters.
For FY, I could have transformed the DON subfaction in an AI driven one, allied with Southern Whites. I know I may force an AI to stay into an area and I could create ways to help a human player to give instruction to an AI Allied faction ( something that is possible since a very few weeks and I plan to use of course in the future.

However, this solution has limits in gameplay,because FY isn’t only destined to become a simulation. I want to play a game too. To be entertaining, a game needs each side gets a sufficient number of actions for the player each turn. Depriving S. Whites from the Cossacks would have reduced them to about 2 stacks, that is just boring.

So the FY current rules may be summarized as such:

– Outside Don Area and until Krasnov removal, any Don Cossack unit may be fixed for one turn. There’s no home area penalties ( I’ve removed them) but this immobilization plays the same role by introducing FUBAR in the best laid plan. Moreover, any Don Cossack unit fixed will fix all other units in the same stack, even Whites ones. Mixing units from both subfactions is then definitely a bad idea, forcing to respect the historical duality.


– After Krasnov retires, the Don Cossack units outside Don area will suffer less severe effects with a loss of cohesion. They will not anymore be fixed for one turn. This allows to blend units and to portray the reluctance of Cossacks to leave the Don without hindering this, as it was in reality.


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