The new Union AI in Kentucky

Posted: October 9, 2012 in AACW Mod

Here’s the result of my attack on Lexington, KY in late September 61



I won the battle, but the best points are tied to the uNion AI performance.


Indeed, I’ve chosen the KY invasion option the precedent turn. Union AI has reacted immediately to the new configuration, spotting rightly Lexington as a worthy target.

Then the AI has built a real force, under a leader ( not the best, but there are so few good Union leaders at start…), with a supply wagon and a bit of artillery. It’s not a loose aggregate of militia coming into my path.

Last, , Union AI hasn’t forgotten other strategical regions in Kentucky, sending one unit to Paducah:

These last changes are due to the modification of one value in the AI events. I could maybe decerne myself shamelessly a sort of Nobel prize for AI in AGE engine ( just kidding, I’m no more than a craftsman 🙂  )

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