SVF 2.0 beta progress report : 10/06/2012

Posted: October 6, 2012 in AACW Mod, Rus Mod

Good news first: the AI amphibious events for Union seems to work


It’s  just of course a very provisional statement, much remaining to be verified. However, the possibility to see so early a small but real amphibious Union AI move in Florida could announce a game where Coastal defense is a concern for CSA.


I will release a new beta version of SVF 2.0 tonight, compatible with ongoing games. It will fix some AI bugs mainly, the next week being devoted to fortification , Kentucky, improvements in Foreign Entry events, etc.

I wasn’t wrong on AI agents speculation:


My wild guess on the result: adding a new layer to AI computation will solve partially but not fully as in my method the AI moves outside expected area, but to the cost of many side effects as it will be difficult, if AI agents are too much used, to combine them with the theater prevalence, region interests and aggro features for AI…Yes I could be wrong. But I know a few things about AGE AI too.


Last, I must commend the coordinator. After having decided Finland wouldn’t enter war before 1920, he’s displaying a new historical lesson here:


99% Green loyalty in Petrograd is WAD. ROTFL.


  1. Clovis says:

    Just to add, as the RUS thread is more and more comical, FY values have been tweaked last years to allow more progressive loyalty shifts for conscriptions and requisitions loyalty. Would someone learn the 2 Ageod beta teams members assuring all is well ( a current practice among AGEOD volunteers, that is applied to the AJE combat model as it has been for the whole PON project) Red Army numbered in 1921 a few millions men supplied by so high level of requisitions civilian were almost starving everywhere? Would someone explain them Greens are representing peasants, so A Green unanimity in an industrial region is bordering insanity ( we should have Anarchists and White support instead)? Would someone explaining them Reds are doomed if they can’t build a large Army? RUS is becoming as unbalanced than AJE 😉

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