Fatal Years AAR 1.07 in Russian

Posted: October 4, 2012 in Rus Mod

This AAR is located here:


I will just add a few words. I’m , or more exactly I was, a real historian, in the academic sense of the term. I’ve learnt history and I taught it for years. This  formation has his strong points ( an above average capacity to study, compare and assess sources values, a better understanding of links between military, politics, economy, society and culture – yes culture, the story of  tanks is linked to economy, society and cultural stuff as you don’t understand without why Germany produced in WW2 high quality but costly tanks when USA and USSR prefered mass standardization…).

However, this formation has drawbacks. You ‘re aware your work isn’t just doing a game, but is too in its own way a cultural representation of a historical time yet discussed and full of controversial points.. You understand too a French working with only English sources may be wrong about the simulation because of gaps in his limited knowledge. last, because you remember how cruel has been history for Russian, Ukrainian , etc people during the last Century, you may easily hurt their own representation of their past.

That’s why I’m always especially glad when FY is played in the former USSR, and SVF in the United States.

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