SVF 2.0 progress: 09/27/12

Posted: September 27, 2012 in AACW Mod

thanks to the reports, I’ve done new changes for Union AI. One of its main remaining problem is tied to the abysmal use of economic and conscription options by the AI. I’m not yet to the FY level where the AIs pay the largest part of the new units, but the current SVF 2.0 beta will allow to determine  how the AI performs with the right number of units, before tweaking it to force Union AI to spend what’s required.
Reports, the best form of support.

  1. Tindo says:

    I’m sorry that I write a comment in the news
    I have a problem with an improved script for RUS. What could you suggest something?
    I created a new general, new portrait, the model for this army general. When it appears in the script, then it is not his portraits, and his “prototype” which was a “model” for a new general.

    • Clovis says:

      When you create a new general, you need:
      – to write a new model file ( mdl)
      – to write a new unit file ( uni)
      – to add the aliases of these 2 mdl and uni to the uni and mdl aliases files in the Aliases folder
      – to remove the cached files in the models and units folders
      – to write your event for your new general enter the game.

      • Tindo says:

        Clovis, you are MEGAMAN, you a cool! thanks, all is working! Thanks!
        Sorry again =)
        All the generals in the end the name with the “number” “1” or “2” or “3”, for example
        – “1650UKR_Unit_Name_UKR_Skoropadsky3”
        – “1655UKR_Unit_Name_UKR_Konovalets1”
        What does this mean? Maybe This is an opportunity to command an army corps or division?
        And how to do that some generals commanded armies, other buildings, and the rest only divisions?
        Thanks for you help!

      • Clovis says:

        1: 1 star general: division
        2: 2 stars corps
        3 : 3 stars Army commander

        Look for leaderrank line in the model files.

  2. Clovis says:

    BTW, reports collected and study of AI event files confirm my initial intuition:

    -Pompeius faction has the naked AI without scripting. Here you get the AI in the exe, unable to stand a campaign in spite of its ualities, unexploited
    -Caesar side has AI events who works very well against newcomers and for very first games. Unfortunately, the primitive design of these events doesn’t allow real unpredictability or sufficient AI smartness to seem to be able to win ( not win really, just giving the impression it could )against a more informed human opponent.

    My Pontus files are a very big step. Much work will be needed as the AI remains pretty hopeless both for supply ( even in simple supply mode in AGE, AI performance is coupled to supply performance, a thing which has certainly be neglected) and for options/RGDS, the current AI routines being possibly very weak ( to be confirmed by further tests).

  3. berto says:

    I just posted another summary .zip file, as of Late Janury 1862, at the Matrix Forum.

    Maybe I can take this to Late March or Early April 1862, and send another summary .zip file, several hours later.

    • Clovis says:

      I feel your game will be marked by a rather poor Union AI show, as it will lack units. Wahtever it can be interesting to follow its general behaviour until mid 62.

  4. berto says:

    Despite my plan, yes, I think that this game might not go beyond 1862.

    I just posted another summary .zip, and image, at the Matrix Forum.

    McClellan’s AOP advances on Manassas (for the very first time) — in mid winter!

    • Clovis says:

      Deliberate choice: if the AI never attacks in winter, the human player will take the advantage of this passivity. So rarely, the AI will attack in winter.

      It may seem strange but the Grant offensive on Donelson/Henry started in February 62 and Curtis advance in Arkansas during winter 61-62.

  5. berto says:

    Yes, but Grant was much more aggressive, and McClellan was noted for his passivity.

    Anyway, I agree that a good AI will remain unpredictable, and move out of winter quarters occasionally to actively campaign.

  6. berto says:

    The very next turn, in Late February 1862, McClellan’s AOP retreated northward, not stopping at Washington, but moving on one more region to Montgomery, MD. Leaving behind a small (cavalry?) force in Faiguier, VA.

    C. Buell on the move in central KY.

    (Note: The AI has not repaired the broken rail line in Baltimore MD since the game’s beginning, AFAIK.)

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